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Man walks away from Texas fatal accident

When a Texas resident learns that a loved one has been killed in a motor vehicle collision that could likely have been prevented, anger and frustration often accompanies grief. A recent fatal accident took place that was deemed to have been caused by a suspected intoxicated driver. To make matters worse, the man under suspicion walked away from the scene of the crash without trying to render any type of aid to the victim.

Fatal vehicle accident in Texas was likely entirely preventable

Many people in Texas are probably wondering what type of text message could be so urgent that a driver couldn't wait until he or she was safely removed from traffic before sending it. For whatever reason, a pickup driver in a rural town about 75 miles away from San Antonio apparently chose to send his text message while he was still behind the wheel in moving traffic. He now likely knows what a poor decision that was as 13 people are dead, and several others injured, after he was involved in a fatal vehicle accident with a church bus.

Fatal accident in Texas involved boys' track team

Texas parents often rely on other people to transport their children to various extracurricular school activities. For instance, sports teams frequently travel to events at other schools by means of a school bus or van set aside for the purpose. One can only imagine a parent's grief when learning that the bus carrying a son or daughter was involved in a fatal accident. 

Criminal charges filed after fatal accident

Streets that include parking on both sides are often difficult to navigate. When a driver is reckless, it makes matters that much worse. In June 2016, a fatal accident occurred in Texas that involved a woman who, according to witnesses, was speeding along a narrow road. The incident ended in tragedy.

Parents sue Apple for wrongful death of their child

Parents of a 5-year-old girl in Texas are grieving her unexpected and untimely death. The child was killed in a terrible car accident during the Christmas holiday season of 2014. Her mother and father have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Apple, asserting the company should be held financially accountable due to certain factors they say caused the accident.

Seeking justice on behalf of a loved one after a fatal accident

Few experiences may prove more tragic than learning a beloved child or other immediate family member has suffered an untimely death in a motor vehicle collision. Many such accidents occur in Texas each year, casting ripples of grief throughout entire communities as families and friends grieve their tremendous losses. When family members discover that a fatal accident may well have been prevented were it not for the negligence of a particular motorist, they may take steps to see that justice is served on behalf of their deceased loved one.

A distracted driver may be held accountable in a fatal accident

Every motorist in Texas and beyond is obligated to act with caution behind the wheel and adhere to all traffic and safety regulations to keep all who share the road as safe as possible. However, just because one motorist is doing everything possible to drive safely doesn't mean all others in the vicinity are doing the same. When a fatal accident occurs, distracted driving is often the underlying cause.

Man in Texas dies, widow seeks justice by wrongful death claim

One can only imagine the joy of bringing a loved one home from a hospital stay, only to suffer his or her loss a short time later. The devastation and grief associated with such a tragedy could be intensified upon learning that the family member's death may have been prevented. A widow in Texas has filed a wrongful death lawsuit following the sudden and unexpected loss of her husband.

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