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Personal Injury Representation

At Marynell Maloney Law Firm, PLLC, we are committed to helping those who have suffered serious injuries or who have lost loved ones to circumstances that could have been avoided. We have devoted more than 30 years of practice to helping those in need because we know the impact that serious injury can have on a person's life and the lives of that person's loved ones. Serious injury affects everyone around the injured.

We are strong litigators who know how to make the courtroom work for our clients. We are proud of the assistance we are able to provide people as they work to put their lives back together after an accident has turned it upside down.

For those who have suffered a serious injury, day-to-day life and recovery can be challenging enough. We understand that. That is why we strive to provide compassionate representation that understands what you are going through. While we are results-focused, we never lose sight of the fact that our clients are the heart of the case. We work to understand what your goals for the future are and how we can help you reach those goals.

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If you have suffered a serious personal injury, you need to take action to ensure you are appropriately compensated. Our firm offers highly effective and compassionate representation that can make a difference for you. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our skilled and experienced personal injury lawyers, call 210-446-0035, toll free at 800-717-6011 or simply contact us online.

We collect attorney's fees only if we secure compensation for you.