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Nursing Home Investigation

News 4 Trouble Shooter Stacey Cameron went to find out how the state checks out nursing homes where your loved ones live.

Hospital Mistake Kills Local Woman

According to court documents, Dr. Flavio Alvarez wrote the initial prescription. His attorney, Bruce Anderson, said Alvarez initially ordered 10 mm of potassium phosphate, then changed his mind and made it 20, writing over the 1 with a 2. The nurse read it as 120 mm, which was ultimately filled by the pharmacy at 120 mm -- more potassium phosphate than what was once used in a lethal cocktail given to death row inmates.

Lawsuit Claims Parklane Nursing Home Negligence

A lawsuit was filed against San Antonio's Parklane nursing home, alleging that the facility failed to provide adequate care for residents, Herbert Brewer, Dora Sylvia Lehrman and Delbert Betts in 2011.

San Antonio Talons Owner Facing Civil Fraud Accusations

A. David Lynd, San Antonio Talons owner and real estate investor is facing allegations of civil fraud. The lawsuit seeks a minimum of $2 million in damages and $4.75 million in punitive damages. Attorney Marynell Maloney, legal counsel for the group, said "We are alleging it was a significant scam," Maloney said. "This is a situation where somebody with a great deal of money very consciously goes in and exploits people for months.".

San Antonio's East Side, Zip-In Car Wash Sued by Family of Slain Customer

The Zip-In Car Wash on North New Braunfels Avenue and Gibbs Street in east San Antonio, are being sued for failing to provide adequate security, despite knowing they were operating their business in an area notorious for its high-crime rates.

Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Brought Against Princeton Place Nursing Home

Two employees of Princeton Place Nursing Home, Sandra Lujan and Sonia Roman, brought allegations of abuse and ill-treatment of home residents to the home's administration, who almost immediate suspended, and eventually fired, both of the whistleblower employees.

'Buddy the Dog' Given Temporary Reprieve

January 10, 2014 - The order to euthanize 'Buddy the Dog' has temporarily been put on hold while his owners, Homer Mojica and wife Kathryn, fight the ruling via appeal.

'Buddy the Dog' Back Home with His Owners

January 25, 2014 - ' Buddy the Dog' is back home with his owners, Mr. and Mrs. Mojicas, after being cared for by a local veterinarian when a judge ordered the dog released from Animal Care Services.

Attorney hopes dog seized twice gets trial before jury

May 27, 2014 - In March, San Antonio Animal Care Services released Lola, a previously quarantined pit bull terrier, she was found wandering the Northwest side streets by Rev. William Rice. Rice had no knowledge of the previous quarantine and ACS gave him one day - instead of the requisite 30 days - to meet their compliance requirements.

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