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Property owners who invite the public in, such as the owners of grocery stores, restaurants and motels, have a responsibility to maintain a safe premises. When they fail to do so and injury occurs as a result, the injured party can pursue compensation from that property owner.

In Texas, there are several types of negligence for premises liability:

  • Negligent activity — For example, if a property owner has some sort of explosion or other inherently dangerous activity on his or her property and a person is injured or killed, the property owner may be liable for that person's injury or death.
  • Negligent security — Places such as hotels, motels, bars, restaurants, malls, parking garages, hospitals and car washes have a responsibility to take measures to ensure the safety of their guests from the risk of violence. This is especially the case where there is a known risk. For example, a motel in a high-crime neighborhood should know that its guests face more risk than if it was located in a safer part of town. Consequently, the owners of such a motel should provide security measures. If they fail to do so and a guest is the victim of a violent crime such as assault or sexual assault, the property owners should compensate the victim.
  • Fires and failure to provide safety devices — Property owners have a responsibility to install smoke detectors, smoke alarms, emergency lighting and other safety devices. The deaths and injuries resulting from the Wedgwood Apartments fire in December 2014 shows what can happen when property owners fail in this regard.

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