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Birth Injury Archives

Support available when birth injury is caused by negligence

Having a baby is often one of the most exciting, joyful and challenging times in a person's life. Whether you are having your first child or have already "been there, done that" numerous times, no two pregnancies or birth experiences are exactly the same. The competence and experience of your obstetrician, midwife and other Texas medical team members form the strong support network you need to keep yourself and your baby healthy and safe. The problem is that not all medical workers provide high quality care; even a seemingly minor error or single act of negligence can result in birth injury.

Brain injury suffered by moped driver

Many people have suffered from a brain injury and have lived completely normal lives afterward. Some have needed assistance with simple, everyday tasks and still others have not survived whatever catastrophe caused the injury. A Texas man is not expected to live after an accident caused a brain injury.

Getting life back on track following a birth injury

Welcoming a baby into the world is typically an exciting and joyful experience for parents in Texas and throughout the United States. Sadly, however, medical negligence plagues many hospitals and birthing centers, placing moms at risk for labor and delivery mishaps that place their infants at risk for birth injury. Many birth injuries result in partial or full permanent disability, leaving parents unprepared to meet the exorbitant expenses often associated with the care necessary to help their children.

Baby born with birth injury due to hospital error

Most Texas women experience a roller coaster of emotion when navigating their ways through pregnancy, labor and childbirth. It's typically an exciting time, interrupted by brief periods of anxiety and worry. When something goes wrong leading up to or following a delivery -- such as a birth injury -- moms have a right to know who may be at fault.

Treating cerebral palsy after a birthing mishap

Although having a baby is typically a joyful and exciting experience, so many things can go wrong during the birthing process that expectant mothers are often a little nervous or worried about their impending labors and deliveries. Sadly, many babies in Texas and elsewhere suffer injury as they make their way through the birth canal. In fact, thousands of babies develop cerebral palsy after having been injured during birth.

Taking action against birth injury in Texas

Babies are born in Texas hospitals (and others throughout the nation) every day without incident. However, there are also many recorded occurrences where what was supposed to be joyful occasions became tragedies when families' lives were turned upside down because of birth injury or infant fatality. Such horrific events are often caused by medical negligence.

Woman awarded $16 million in birth injury case

A woman outside Texas reportedly suffered permanent injuries during the birth of her child. The baby was born in good health, but the mother began to suffer complications almost immediately following the birth. She filed a lawsuit, seeking damages for a birth injury she claims she suffered due to substandard medical care.

Medical malpractice claim outside Texas decided in parents' favor

Hospitals in Texas and elsewhere operate under certain protocols and accepted standards of care in order to provide the best treatment possible in the safest fashion for patients. When substandard care causes injuries or illness, families suffer long-lasting negative impact. Such was the case for one couple whose infant died due to medical malpractice in another state.

Seeking financial relief after birth injury in Texas

Texas families welcoming new babies into the world often do so under joyful and exciting circumstances. However, when a birth injury occurs, a family's happiness quickly turns to sorrow. Such injuries are often serious, causing permanent disability and the need for life-long medical care and living assistance.

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