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Truck Accidents Archives

Truck accident on I-10 still under investigation

Being hit by a semi-truck can be frightening. Because of the sheer size of the rig, damage done in a truck accident can be severe and with long-term effects. The Department of Public Safety for the state of Texas has reported a fatality in a recent truck accident.

Where to seek support in the aftermath of a truck accident

If you've ever navigated high traffic roads in Texas, you likely understand how utterly terrifying it can be when a tractor-trailer comes zooming up behind your vehicle. In recent years, many a truck accident has been caused by negligent drivers who were either texting behind the wheel or falling asleep because they stayed on the road for more consecutive hours than they should have. When one of these massive vehicles is involved in a collision, it often results in catastrophic, or fatal injuries.

Texas big rig involved in fatal highway collision

Many Texas motorists are aware of the dangers of driver fatigue. For some, the issue has directly affected their personal lives when they or their loved ones were injured in motor vehicle accidents involving drivers asleep at the wheel. This was the apparent cause of a recent tragedy involving a Texas big rig and two other vehicles.

Reckless big rig drivers can cause big disasters on Texas roads

Ever driven on a Texas highway in heavy traffic? If so, you likely encountered one or more tractor-trailers in your travels. Nothing can cause sweaty palms behind the wheel more than a barreling big rig coming so close in your rear view mirror that it looks like it might drive straight through the backseat of your car. Truckers are not immune to traffic regulations and, like all other motorists, must obey the stringent laws that are meant to help keep them and all who share the road as safe as possible.

A distracted big rig driver is a big deal

It is downright nerve-wracking to share a Texas roadway with a tractor-trailer. Nothing spells stress like a big rig barreling up behind or beside another vehicle on the highway. It goes without saying that when the driver of one of these massive vehicles decides to take to the passing lane, it is usually frightening for nearby motorists.

When a truck accident leads to financial devastation

Anyone who has ever traveled a busy Texas highway understands how unsettling it can be to be driving along when an enormous tractor-trailer comes barreling up from behind. These massive machines are part of an industry many consider the backbone of our society. Yet, driver fatigue, substance abuse and other problematic issues have made it dangerous to share the road with big rigs. A truck accident can occur at any time, and when one does, the result is often devastating.

Devastation often follows a fatal vehicle accident in Texas

One can only imagine the shock and grief associated with learning that a loved one has suffered an unexpected and untimely death. When that death is a result of a fatal vehicle accident that was caused by another person's negligence, the aftermath is often one of devastation for family members and others who knew and loved the victim. Texas law provides for families who have suffered such grave losses by allowing them to seek justice for the deceased.

Did malfunction cause truck accident involving dump trucks, SUV?

The Texas Department of Public Safety reported that an SUV driver and two children were critically injured in an accident on a recent Tuesday morning. This tragic truck accident involved two dump trucks and an SUV. Although the incident is still under investigation, a preliminary report provides some details.

Truck accident caught on camera in Texas

An accident involving a dump truck took place on a recent Friday. The Texas truck accident occurred during the morning hours. It happened to be caught on video tape. When accidents of this nature occur and cause injuries due to the carelessness of a truck driver, the driver may be held financially accountable for the injuries in civil court.

Electronic logs could cut down on truck driver fatigue

A truck that is fully loaded with cargo is a difficult massive in size and weight in comparison to other vehicles on the highways in and around San Antonio, Texas. Keeping drivers alert and preventing truck driver fatigue has always been a concern for government officials who are all too aware of the dangers posed by an inattentive truck driver speeding along the highway.

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