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Driver's friend dies in fatal accident

Some people, often younger in age, find it exhilarating to consume alcohol and then speed through the streets. The fun ends when an innocent pedestrian, another motorist or a passenger is critically injured or killed. Losing a loved one so suddenly in a fatal accident throws a family into a world of grief and heartache. One Texas man's family is in anguish after losing one of their own in a fatal accident.

Fatal accident investigation delves into bartender's actions

It seems to be making the news more often that officials in Texas are looking deeper into deadly car accidents when alcohol is involved. Drivers who have been drinking and cause fatal accidents had to get their alcohol from somewhere. A bartender has recently been arrested after one of his customers allegedly killed a pedestrian in a fatal accident last month.

Lawsuit filed after fatal accident

In some cases, a car accident is not the fault of just one person. While it only takes one driver to cause a fatal accident, investigations sometimes reveal the negligence of another party contributed to the fatality. A Texas man has filed a lawsuit claiming that a bar over-served a man who subsequently caused a fatal accident.

Man allegedly kills best friend in fatal accident

From many news accounts, it seems some people do not feel that certain laws apply to them. Some drivers consume alcohol or drugs before getting out on the road, some choose to focus on their cell phone instead of surrounding traffic, and some feel like the posted speed limit is only a suggestion. Breaking any traffic laws meant to protect people could result in a fatal accident. A Texas man was recently killed in a fatal accident after his best friend chose to ignore some of the protective laws.

Family claims fatal accident fault of truck company

Accidents happen and people do get injured or killed but when it is due to negligence, legal action is often taken by the injured parties or surviving family members. Family members are also adversely affected when there is a fatal accident or one with critical injuries, as they may have unexpected funeral and burial costs or they may have to provide temporary or permanent care for those who have been seriously injured. The family of a Texas woman who was killed in a fatal accident has filed a lawsuit against the company they say is responsible for her death.

Speeding, ignoring traffic signal cause of fatal accident

Tragedies happen every day though many of them are entirely preventable. Drinking and driving is responsible for a great number of tragedies. Whether it is a minor fender bender with no injuries or a fatal accident, innocent people may have to deal with car repairs, medical bills or funeral expenses they never expected to handle, and all because someone else chose to be selfish. Texas Highway Patrol troopers recently released a report on a fatal accident they believe was due to drinking and driving.

Drunk driving blamed for deaths, injuries in fatal accident

Consuming alcohol or drugs before driving is something many people do without thinking of the possible consequences. Not only might their lives be changed for the worse, but there is the potential for negatively impacting the lives of many others for years to come. With dulled senses comes the possibility of a fatal accident or one with critical injuries to one or more people. Three lives were lost in a recent Texas fatal accident that law enforcement authorities have attributed to drunk driving.

Pedestrian victim of fatal accident in Texas

While anywhere near a roadway, pedestrians need to be aware at all times of the vehicles driving around them. Although vehicular drivers are expected to be the vigilant ones, they are often easily distracted and may not be aware of a lone pedestrian in their path. This lack of focus can lead to a fatal accident, bringing misery and pain to many people. A 61-year-old Texas woman was killed in a recent nighttime fatal accident.

2-vehicle fatal accident: 2 hurt, 1 killed in Texas crash

Most accidents on the road happen because someone is negligent. Not obeying traffic rules, failing to keep a vehicle properly maintained and drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs are all examples of negligent or even reckless behaviors. But simply not having the proper focus while driving is enough to cause a serious or even fatal accident. One recent crash took the life of a 60-year-old Texas woman.

Fatal accident claims life of woman on New Year's Eve

Careless actions by drivers can bring massive consequences. When a driver disregards the rules of the road and causes a fatal accident, not only might he or she pay in ways never imagined, but family members of those who have lost their lives have to live in devastation and heartache for years to come. Two Texas men have been arrested after a woman was killed in a fatal accident on New Year's Eve.

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