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Every year, thousands are affected by medical malpractice

Every day in Texas and across the country, thousands of people undergo surgical procedures. Thanks to modern technology and skilled doctors, the vast majority of surgeries are successful and often save lives. However, any time humans are involved, there will always be a chance for errors. Unfortunately, when doctors and other medical professionals make mistakes, patients and families suffer the consequences. Medical malpractice continues to be one of the leading causes of injury and death in the United States.

Medical malpractice: Boy dies after visit to dentist

Most parents in Texas may picture a dentist visit ending with a child getting a good cleaning and maybe a lesson in flossing and brushing their teeth. Parents may be horrified to learn that one dental visit in another state ended in a boy's death after a procedure. The family has recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the practice that handled his care.

Medical malpractice suit may be filed against nurse practitioner

People need to be able to trust their medical professionals. While not every diagnosis and course of treatment is exact, there should be a reasonable expectation by every patient that his or her doctors will dispense sound medical advice based on thorough examination and testing. When that does not happen, each patient has the right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. A Texas law firm has been hired by two separate families for possible medical malpractice suits against a nurse practitioner.

Parents file medical malpractice suit after death of daughter

Everyone in Texas who needs medical attention wants to be able to trust that the medical professionals who will be providing treatment and care know what they are doing and that they will cure the ailment. Unfortunately there are times a misdiagnosis occurs, and the condition of the patient worsens or he or she dies. In these cases, a medical malpractice suit may be filed. Two parents have filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after the death of their four-year-old daughter.

Medical malpractice claim vs psychiatrist is based on negligence

Psychiatric malpractice in Texas is treated generally the same as any other claim for medical negligence. If the psychiatrist rendered sub-standard, careless treatment to the patient and injured the patient as a result of that treatment, the doctor would be liable for medical malpractice damages to the patient. Many claims against psychiatrists attempt to collect for the suicidal death of the decedent while he/she was under the care of the psychiatrist.

Substantial sum given to family in medical malpractice situation

In 2007, a man visited his doctor seeking diagnosis and treatment for severe neck pain. The doctor prescribed various injections and other treatments to alleviate the man's symptoms. The situation that unfolded following those doctor visits left the man's family distraught and blaming the doctor for medical malpractice. Some Texas families may currently be facing similar situations.

Medical malpractice claim filed against hospital

Many medical patients in Texas will undergo surgeries this year. Some surgical procedures are elective, meaning not medically  necessary but desired by the patient for some purpose. Other situations are more urgent, and surgery is determined necessary to save a life or at least improve a declined medical condition. A woman in another state underwent surgery that many doctors have since claimed isn't usually necessary; the situation led to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Medical malpractice may have caused man's severe health decline

Texas patients preparing for surgery may want to pay close attention to a situation that occurred in another state. A man underwent an operation. During recovery, he was not feeling well; in fact, he lost more than 40 pounds and said he felt like he was dying. What happened next came as a shock to many, and some say they expect a medical malpractice lawsuit to follow.

Half million med mal deaths per year include many in Texas

Many Texas readers may be alarmed to learn that approximately 500,000 people suffer fatal injuries associated with medical errors every year throughout the nation. In fact, some estimates claim doctors and medical professionals make mistakes in providing care and treatment to patients as much as 15 percent of the time. Injuries suffered in med mal situations are often quite severe.

Best to clarify medical malpractice law before going to court

Many Texas medical patients will undergo surgery this year. While there is obviously risk involved with any medical procedure, patients entrust themselves to physicians believing all accepted safety standards will be followed. Sadly, substandard care remains problematic in many regions, and many people suffer serious injuries (as well as death) when things go terribly wrong. In such circumstances, medical malpractice laws often become a focus when questions regarding filing claims arise.

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