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Alcohol believed to be cause of fatal accident

For years the public has heard numerous messages warning people to not drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, there are still many who choose to consume and get behind the wheel, believing they are lucid enough to drive without incident. This choice can result in complications ranging from a minor fender bender to a fatal accident, killing themselves and/or others in or near the road. Texas police say alcohol may have been involved when one person was killed in a fatal accident.

Driver and passenger flee scene of fatal accident

A deadly accident can bring heartache to a number of people. Family members of the victim will feel their loss for years to come. The person who caused the fatal accident may face penalties that can include years behind bars, and most will live with the guilt that their actions took the life of another person. One example of this kind of tragedy involves a Texas woman who was killed in a recent accident involving two vehicles.

Family devastated by fatal accident

While cell phones are accurately blamed as the cause for many a fatal accident, they are not the only distraction to a driver. From trying to select just the right song on the car's stereo system to conversation with a passenger, anything that causes a driver to not completely focus on the road can be the cause of a fatal accident. Two members of a Texas family recently died as an alleged result of inattentiveness.

Woman dies in fatal accident after beginning new business

Fatal accidents often involve the collision of two or more motor vehicles. Sometimes a vehicle hits a pedestrian, resulting in serious injury or death. A recent unusual fatal accident in a small Texas town involved an SUV and a carriage drawn by a horse.

Racing said to be the cause of fatal accident

Although street racing is illegal, that does not prevent some drivers from participating in an activity that often turns from daring into deadly. A high-speed race on a road littered with numerous drivers can almost guarantee injury, if not a fatal accident. Texas police say a Christmas Day race between two drivers caused two deaths and injuries to two other people.

Fatal accident brings tragedy to family

For most Texas residents, the holidays are filled with joy and anticipation of making treasured memories with family and friends. However, it is also the time of year when more people are inclined to drink more alcoholic beverages. Driving after consuming too much alcohol has the potential to end in tragedy. A woman was recently killed in a fatal accident and police believe alcohol to have been a factor in the crash.

Fatal accident claims lives of mother and unborn child

The aftermath of a fatal accident can be devastating for a victim's surviving family. For the loved ones of the person who was killed, it is a pain-filled parting with no goodbyes. For the person who caused the fatal accident, it may mean criminal charges, jail time and civil lawsuits. A local police department in Texas is investigating an accident that resulted in the deaths of a pregnant teenage girl and the baby she was carrying.

Fatal accident that killed pedestrian blamed on speeding driver

Texas drivers have to utilize caution when it comes to other drivers on the road. There is also a responsibility to pay attention to any pedestrians that may be walking in or near the roadway. A recent fatal accident took the life of a woman as she walking in El Paso.

DUI prevention apparatus may share blame in fatal accident

A distraction is anything that takes a person's complete focus off what he or she is doing. Even the most well-meaning distractions can cause a fatal accident when a person is driving a car. An 18-year-old Texas girl was recently killed in a fatal accident before she even left her residence.

Excessive alcohol consumption blamed for fatal accident

All too often, driving after consuming a substance that impairs a person's faculties as well as physical reactions can have long-lasting consequences. Minor fender-benders can cause insurance rates to increase for a number of years and a fatal accident can result in insurance cancellation, driver's license revocation, time in jail and additional adverse woes. Texas police were recently called to the scene of a fatal accident they say was caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

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