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Police say fatal accident caused by alcohol consumption

Statistics show there are more car accidents on the roads during rush hour, simply because that is the time of day more people are on the road. However, there are many fatal accidents that occur during the nighttime hours, not only from the lack of visibility but also because there are more drunk drivers on the road from 12 a.m. until 4 a.m. A fatal accident during this time period recently took place on a Texas roadway.

U-turn and dangerous curve play part in fatal accident

Sometimes the seemingly innocent actions of one driver can adversely affect the lives of others. Should a fatal accident occur from one turn of the steering wheel, that driver can be held financially responsible by the family of the deceased. A 19-year-old man died after a fatal accident on a dangerous Texas road.

Fatal accident: Woman killed in single vehicle crash

Nearly everyone who has ever driven a vehicle has gone over the posted speed limit. According to various police reports, many of those have driven after consuming alcohol. Mixing the two can often result in a fatal accident, with the consequences of negligence affecting a number of people for years to come. The combination of drinking and driving led to the death of a Texas resident in a recent fatal accident.

Pedestrian was the victim of a recent fatal accident

Many people in Texas like to walk for exercise. Others have to walk because they have no other means of transportation. Although at night it may be riskier, any time of day a person has to walk beside a busy road, there is the potential for a fatal accident. A woman was recently arrested for causing a fatal accident after her vehicle shit a pedestrian.

Police say fatal accident was caused by alcohol consumption

While many people drink throughout the week, the weekends seem to be the time more alcohol is consumed. The result is a greater potential for a fatal accident caused by drinking and then driving. Texas police say a fatal accident that occurred around 11 p.m. on a Friday night took the life of a 28-year-old.

Alcohol likely responsible for fatal accident

Time and time again, news stories tell the tragic stories of the results from drinking and driving. Some who drink and then drive feel they are perfectly fine behind the wheel and can make it to their intended destination with no incident. However, some simply do not care that they could cause a fatal accident or one with permanent severe injuries.  A Texas man recently died in a fatal accident police say involved alcohol consumption.

Police blame alcohol consumption re fatal accident

Many people know someone who has been hit by a drunk driver or have even been involved close calls themselves. In some cases it just resulted in a fender-bender with no significant injury to any party involved, but for others, one or more victims are seriously injured or even killed. Those tragedies find families thrown into a situation for which they may be ill-prepared. A recent fatal accident took the lives of two Texas residents was blamed on drunk driving.

Man indicted after being accused of causing fatal accident

A person can be the most careful driver on the road but may still be involved in a serious accident. The actions of other drivers can be a threat when they choose to ignore the laws to which all drivers are expected to adhere. Disregarding these rules often leads to a fatal accident or one with critical injuries. Two Texas residents were killed in a fatal accident as a driver was attempting to evade a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper.

Police say lighting conditions had part in fatal accident

Although many states have a Share the Road policy, designating roadways that give bicyclists and walkers the same rights as motor vehicles, some drivers never actually acknowledge others on the road. Sometimes, however, it is not an unwillingness to recognize cyclists and walkers, but an inability to see them that could result in a harmful or fatal accident. A Texas man was killed in a fatal accident with a pickup truck in the early morning hours of a recent work day.

Three men are killed in fatal accident with semi

Most car drivers can tell stories of near-misses with semi trucks. While many truck drivers show responsibility while on the Texas highways, some are careless in their mission. This negligence can often result in a collision and, sometimes, a fatal accident. Three men recently died in a fatal accident due to the inattentiveness of a semi-truck driver.

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