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Parents sue dentist for wrongful death; dentist sues others

Not every person who is licensed to practice dentistry in Texas is experienced in pediatric dentistry, per se. It's a specialized field that requires additional education particular to the nature of the practice. This issue is a significant factor in an ongoing possible wrongful death situation regarding a pediatric dentist who performed surgery on a toddler.

Sadly, the procedure did not go well, and the young child died. Her parents filed a lawsuit against the dentist, saying the surgery their daughter underwent was not necessary, and had the dentist acted appropriately according to accepted standards in his field, she might still be alive. An independent forensic odontologist reviewed the pediatric dentist's records and substantiated the parents' claim that there was not enough evidence of tooth decay in the child's mouth at the time to warrant surgery.

Widower seeking justice in wrongful death of wife and baby

A young couple in Texas who welcomed a new baby into their family not long ago was struck by tragedy that has led to a lawsuit. The newborn infant and her 19-year-old mother were shot and killed in an apparent wrongful death incident in their own apartment complex. The child's father was apparently nearby when the shooting occurred and went running to his wife's side.

As the horrific situation unfolded, the woman took her final breaths in her husband's arms. Their baby was rushed to a hospital for emergency treatment. Sadly, she did not survive. There is also a 2-year-old daughter in the family.

Fatal accident leads to Texas politician's $100,000 bond

Texas politicians are certainly not above the law, especially when it comes to drinking and driving. A city commissioner may attest to this fact as she was recently released from jail on a $100,000 bond following an incident that resulted in a fatal accident. The 54-year-old has been charged with intoxication manslaughter on two counts.

Commissioner Dee Haney was on her way home from an emergency work meeting, says her mother and stepfather. Police, however, say they responded to a tragic car accident that Haney appears to have caused. Two pedestrians, a father and son, who were standing outside a vehicle pulled over on the road were allegedly struck by Haney's vehicle when it veered out of its lane.

Getting life back on track following a birth injury

Welcoming a baby into the world is typically an exciting and joyful experience for parents in Texas and throughout the United States. Sadly, however, medical negligence plagues many hospitals and birthing centers, placing moms at risk for labor and delivery mishaps that place their infants at risk for birth injury. Many birth injuries result in partial or full permanent disability, leaving parents unprepared to meet the exorbitant expenses often associated with the care necessary to help their children.

Recovering from the emotional trauma of a birth injury is difficult enough without being overwhelmed by financial burdens. Yet, that is exactly what many families experience as they do their best to provide the best care possible for their babies who were injured by doctors' errors or other medical negligence. In such circumstances, it often helps to reach out for support, which may include assistance from other family members and friends, faith leaders in one's community or even an experienced personal injury attorney.

Substantial sum given to family in medical malpractice situation

In 2007, a man visited his doctor seeking diagnosis and treatment for severe neck pain. The doctor prescribed various injections and other treatments to alleviate the man's symptoms. The situation that unfolded following those doctor visits left the man's family distraught and blaming the doctor for medical malpractice. Some Texas families may currently be facing similar situations.

The man was reportedly diagnosed with cancer, which his family believed should have been noticed during his initial visits to the doctor. He wound up undergoing surgery to remove a spinal tumor. Doctors also tried to treat his disease by administering chemotherapy and radiation. Alas, their efforts did not suffice, and the man succumbed to his condition, leaving his family grief-stricken and seeking justice on his behalf.

Widow awarded millions in product liability case after tragedy

Many Texas residents who struggle with depression take antidepressant medications. Of course, prescription medication can be quite expensive. Sometimes, a patient is able to use a generic form of a particular drug to keep costs down. That is what one man did in another state, although his situation resulted in tragedy and a product liability lawsuit.

A woman suffered the devastating loss of her husband when he committed suicide in 2010 by stepping in front of a train. The horrific incident occurred just after her husband had taken a generic form of Paxil, a drug used to treat depression. The woman later sued Paxil manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline Company. A federal jury ruled in her favor and ordered GlaxoSmithKline to pay $3 million in damages. 

Medical malpractice claim filed against hospital

Many medical patients in Texas will undergo surgeries this year. Some surgical procedures are elective, meaning not medically  necessary but desired by the patient for some purpose. Other situations are more urgent, and surgery is determined necessary to save a life or at least improve a declined medical condition. A woman in another state underwent surgery that many doctors have since claimed isn't usually necessary; the situation led to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Her doctor recommended it, however, and she trusted in his diagnosis. The woman had a non-cancerous brain tumor. But, most doctors say this type of slow-growing tumor does not have to be removed. Patients simply need to be monitored over time.

Fatal accident occurs on a Saturday evening in Houston

Anyone who has ever traversed Texas roadways near on in Houston likely remembers how busy and heavily laden with traffic such roads can be. Many times, something can happen in an instant that changes lives forever when a fatal accident occurs. This seems to have been the case on a recent Saturday evening where road terrain and steering may have been crucial factors leading to a serious collision.

Two vehicles were involved in the crash that resulted in one man's death and injuries to several others, one of whom was a 10-year-old child. One of the drivers refused medical treatment after the accident. Most of those who were taken to the hospital are said to be faring well, although one woman is listed in critical condition.

Addressing a dangerous product matter in court

Consumers purchase things every day of the year in Texas and throughout the nation. Some people try their very best to give their hard-earned dollars to local establishments and business owners, so shopping becomes a means for boosting their own communities' economies. Others think and act on a more global scale, doing most of their buying and selling online. Either way, those who use items manufactured and made available to the purchasing public have a right to expect that no one within the manufacturing, sales or distribution chain will knowingly place a dangerous product into their hands.

When those expectations fall short and someone suffers injury during the normal course of use for a particular store-bought item, knowing where to turn for help to rectify the situation is important. There are many laws that govern such matters, including those that address product labeling and warnings if products carry certain safety risks by design. If a product is improperly manufactured or fails to function as it should according to its instructions, a consumer has a right to seek compensation for damages, if the situation results in injury or illness.

Medical malpractice may have caused man's severe health decline

Texas patients preparing for surgery may want to pay close attention to a situation that occurred in another state. A man underwent an operation. During recovery, he was not feeling well; in fact, he lost more than 40 pounds and said he felt like he was dying. What happened next came as a shock to many, and some say they expect a medical malpractice lawsuit to follow.

The man said he knew something was very wrong because of the way his health continued to decline rather than improve after surgery. He asked doctors to find out what the source of his ill health might be. They determined he had a large mass inside his abdomen.

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