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Teen loses life in fatal accident

A fatal accident in Texas can be the result of a number of actions. Distractions from cell phones, passengers, other cars or intoxication from alcohol or drugs can all keep a driver's focus from the road, which can lead to a fatal accident. A recent report tells of the death of a passenger in a single-vehicle wreck.

Police were called to investigate the scene of the accident around 5:45 am. The driver of a Dodge Challenger had allegedly left the scene, but his 19-year-old male passenger was found inside the car. He was suffering from serious injuries and died after his arrival at a nearby hospital.

Medical malpractice claim vs psychiatrist is based on negligence

Psychiatric malpractice in Texas is treated generally the same as any other claim for medical negligence. If the psychiatrist rendered sub-standard, careless treatment to the patient and injured the patient as a result of that treatment, the doctor would be liable for medical malpractice damages to the patient. Many claims against psychiatrists attempt to collect for the suicidal death of the decedent while he/she was under the care of the psychiatrist.

Each case dealing with that general scenario will rise and fall on the vagaries of the facts involved. If the psychiatrist was working intensively with the patient, it may be easier to hold the doctor liable for damages. If there was little evidence that the decedent intended to commit suicide or that she was a danger to herself or others, it may be very difficult to hold the psychiatrist responsible. 

Fatal accident takes lives of teens

Texas residents who have lost loved ones in a fatal accident may, at some point in their lives, move on, but they may never fully get over the loss. Whether the deceased was a teenager or a great-grandparent, the void of a physical presence can be overwhelming to those closest to them. Three teenagers and a 32-year-old woman were involved in a recent fatal accident.

The nighttime accident happened when a pickup truck crashed into a Chevrolet Camaro as it was attempting to make a turn. The driver of the truck was thrown from her vehicle and seriously injured. A report on the incident did not indicate whether or not she was wearing a seatbelt.

Fatal accident kills young woman

A fatal accident can happen from any number of causes. Bad weather, distractions inside and outside the vehicle, or malfunction of any part of the car itself can all be reasons a fatal accident occurs. A nighttime crash between a stalled car and a pickup truck on a Texas state highway resulted in the death of a 29-year-old woman recently.

The woman had gotten out of her car to see if she could figure out why it had stopped. Her car was in the left lane of the highway but not on the shoulder, out of the way of traffic. A pickup truck came upon the scene and tried to go around the stalled car but collided with it instead. In turn, the car hit the woman as she was standing next to the driver's side door.

Ignored stop sign results in fatal accident

A fatal accident can devastate a Texas family as well as friends who are as close as family. It is even worse if a loved one is a witness to the fatal accident. Although he was not where he could see it, a father was close enough to hear the impact of a car hitting and killing his son.

In an interview after the accident, the father said he saw a car as it neared a stop sign and knew the driver was not going to stop. He then heard a sound that he thought was either a blown tire or the thud of the car hitting someone or something. Neighbors ran to the father, screaming that it was his son who had been hit. Before emergency responders could revive him at the scene, the son died.

Couple files defective product lawsuit after injury

It is the responsibility of manufacturers to produce products that are safe and reliable. When a customer buys and uses a defective product, the result can be bodily injury or damage to the surrounding area. A Texas woman and her husband have reached a settlement for financial compensation in a lawsuit they brought against the company after using a defective product.

The woman had bought a pressure cooker that was advertised as being able to preserve the nutritional elements of the food it cooked. She followed the included instructions and prepared part of the meal her family would eat. After the food was thoroughly steamed, she unplugged the pressure cooker; however, two hours later, the lid flew off. The food inside the cooker spewed all over the front of the woman's body, causing severe burns.

Fatal accident may have far-reaching effects

Each day on a Texas road brings the possibility of a serious car accident. A fatal accident will have lasting effects not just for the driver who caused the collision but also for the families of the victims. Two people are dead after a recent nighttime accident on State Highway 29.

The Department of Public Safety reports that the driver of a pickup truck pulled out of the parking lot of a convenience store onto the highway and hit three vehicles traveling along the roadway. He crossed the center lane and went against traffic, hitting two other pickup trucks before he stopped. The driver and passenger in one of those trucks both died as a result of the collision.

Teens involved in fatal vehicle accident

Whether young or old, every driver and passenger believes he or she will make it safely to the intended destination. Distractions, inclement weather or other drivers can be just a few causes of a fatal vehicle accident that may prevent safe passage. Unfortunately, a recent night out turned deadly for two Texas high school students resulted in a fatal vehicle accident.

According to a report, the teenage driver went off the side of the road. The car struck a part of a driveway and flipped. A resident of the house near where the car landed ran outside when he heard the crash. He said although both girls were still alive when he got to the car, the 16-year-old passenger died by the time emergency responders arrived. The driver was sent by air transport to a medical facility, where her condition was listed as critical.

Truck accident on I-10 still under investigation

Being hit by a semi-truck can be frightening. Because of the sheer size of the rig, damage done in a truck accident can be severe and with long-term effects. The Department of Public Safety for the state of Texas has reported a fatality in a recent truck accident.

Although the report did not state the reason, a Lexus sedan had come to a stop in one of the outer eastbound lanes of I-10 around 10:30 p.m. A semi headed the same direction came upon the stalled vehicle but allegedly did not see it. The truck crashed into the Lexus as well as a construction barrier at the side of the interstate and came to a stop.

Potentially dangerous product recalled prior to solar eclipse

On Monday, Aug. 21, a full solar eclipse will be visible across much of the country. Even those who will not be able to see the full eclipse are gearing up to watch an event that has not occurred here in the United States for decades. Part of that preparation involves purchasing special glasses that allow observers here in Texas and across the country to view the eclipse. Unfortunately, Amazon is recalling several of these special glasses because they could be a potentially dangerous product

The problem lies in the certification process. Looking into the sun can cause blindness or other vision problems. If the glasses do not meet the standards set by the American Astronomical Society and NASA, injuries could occur. Therein lies the reason for Amazon's recall -- at least one vendor could not back up claims that the glasses met the standards.

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