Transparency is a concern in Texas medical malpractice cases

Transparency is a concern in Texas medical malpractice cases

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When one must undergo medical treatment, one may first do some research on health care providers in the area of Texas in which they live. This research can provide information that may help the patient choose a facility or provider that they feel comfortable with. Research may include reviews from past patients as well as information on whether the provider or facility has ever been involved in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Unfortunately, much information about medical malpractice cases is not available.  

Not all medical malpractice cases are made public 

When a patient files a lawsuit for medical malpractice, that case may go to a jury trial or it may be settled out of court or by a judge. In most cases, information on those settled out of court or by a judge will not be available to the public through a basic information search. This can put patients at a disadvantage when one is deciding whom to trust with one’s care.  

If a patient were to search for a provider or healthcare facility to find their malpractice history, that information may legally be kept private. Patients and their families are not given the opportunity to make informed medical care decisions if they don’t have access to all relevant information. Transparency is key in reducing the number of patients who may suffer from medical malpractice.  

Victims have the right to seek compensation 

A victim of medical malpractice may be left injured for life with outstanding medical bills and other expenses. Victims and surviving family members have the right to seek compensation when medical malpractice was a factor in the injury or death. Texas medical malpractice victims can consult an attorney to better understand the legal path in seeking monetary compensation.