Woman burned during surgical procedure

Woman burned during surgical procedure

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When a Texas patient prepares for surgery, the doctor may require certain physical preparations be completed or that certain guidelines be met before the surgery can be performed. Patients themselves often try to prepare mentally for surgery as the process can be understandably stressful and requires full trust in the medical team performing the surgery. The last thing a patient should need to worry about is suffering from serious injuries that can come from faulty equipment during surgery. Sadly, a woman in another state recently suffered severe burns from equipment used during a procedure.

Misuse of equipment

The patient was undergoing surgery to remove tumors from the back of her neck and shoulder. During the procedure, she was placed on oxygen through a tube in her nose. The medical care team was using a cauterizing tool to close the surgical wounds when the tool sparked and ignited the oxygen.

The spark caused the fabric drapes on the woman to catch fire, burning her face and neck. The burns were severe with some being second and third-degree, causing the victim significant pain. Now the woman is suing the surgical center along with several of the medical care staff that performed the surgery.

Legal help for injured victims

Medical malpractice is a serious legal matter that often leaves victims with life-altering injuries. Sadly, victims frequently report an impact on their quality of life after such injuries, and many are no longer able to work. Those who were injured due to medical malpractice have legal options when it comes to seeking compensation for their injuries. A Texas attorney with experience in medical malpractice can provide insight into an individual’s case and what options they have moving forward.