Former NFL player sues for medical negligence

Former NFL player sues for medical negligence

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Professional athletes in Texas and states around the nation endure physical strain during training, practice and games. This extreme physical strain often leaves athletes with injuries that can leave them unable to participate in their sport for periods of time ranging from a few days to many months. Sadly, sometimes athletes must retire prematurely because of their injuries, or in the case of one former NFL player from another state, they must leave their sport because of improper medical care. 

A career-ending injury 

The victim in this case injured his knee, specifically tearing the posterior cruciate ligament, during a game in 2017. He needed surgery to repair the injury but believes the surgeon ignored another injury, a torn meniscus, leaving him with permanent damage to his knee. The former NFL player also believes that he wasn’t given proper medical advice during his recovery. 

Because of the extent of his injuries, and the damage after his surgery, the man was forced to retire from the NFL early. He is now suing the surgeon and the orthopedic facility that oversaw his recovery. He believes his football career ended early due to medical negligence. 

Victims of medical malpractice can suffer greatly 

Not only do victims of medical malpractice often have life-altering injuries, they are also often put in a position of financial instability. Injuries can end one’s career, leaving them with medical bills and other expenses that they can’t afford to pay for. Medical malpractice victims in Texas have the right to consult an attorney to see if they have cause to pursue a case against those whose negligence contributed to their injuries.