Former patients accuse cardiologist of medical malpractice

Former patients accuse cardiologist of medical malpractice

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There are many heart conditions that can be made worse when a cardiologist doesn’t follow standards of care when treating patients in Texas. This may include medical neglect where proper treatment is not provided. But it can also include overtreatment where a patient goes through unnecessary procedures that can exacerbate existing heart conditions. A cardiologist in another state is facing medical malpractice accusations from several former patients based on the care they received.

Medical malpractice in cardiology

Treating heart conditions requires knowledge about which treatments work best based on the patient’s condition. Sadly, several patients believe they were mistreated by a formerly well-known and respected cardiologist. One patient, a 70-year-old male, underwent dozens of procedures and had over 40 stents implanted in his chest. Others have similar stories that led to reviews of the cardiologist’s procedures by other experts in the field.

The results of the review by the cardiac experts show that the cardiologist may not have followed the standard treatments based on the symptoms and conditions presented by the patients in question. Some of the claims in the medical malpractice complaints include misdiagnosis of heart conditions. The victims also allege that the doctor performed unnecessary procedures, leading to permanent injuries.

Seeking compensation for medical malpractice injuries

Victims of medical malpractice can suffer the rest of their lives when misdiagnosed or not treated properly. Not only does this affect one’s quality of life, but it can also mean that the victim can no longer work, and they may face medical bills that can strain their finances. Victims of medical malpractice in Texas can speak with an attorney to see what legal options they have in pursuing a case against the provider at fault.