Understanding common orthopedic birth injuries

Understanding common orthopedic birth injuries

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Preparing for childbirth in Texas may include the expectant mother taking birthing classes, creating a cozy nursery for bringing the new baby home, and reading about the different stages of labor. While many pregnant women feel nervous about the process of birth, especially if it’s their first child, most don’t expect anything to go seriously wrong. But on some occasions, things do go wrong, and the baby suffers from an orthopedic birth injury. Many times, these injuries could have been prevented with proper fetal monitoring and care during and after the birth.  

Common birth injuries 

Not all birth injuries are the result of medical malpractice or negligence, but many are. Some of the most common birth injuries involve orthopedic issues. This may include fractures, damage to the brachial plexus, or injuries to growth plates. Some of these injuries are not serious and may resolve themselves over time. Others though can lead to lifelong debilitating conditions that may require extensive therapies, surgeries, and other treatments. 

Orthopedic birth injuries can happen during vaginal birth or when the mother undergoes a c-section. If the baby and mother aren’t monitored properly, and swift action is not taken when an issue arises, the baby can be injured. Sadly, this often means the newborn may need extra care after birth and the new parents may not be able to take their child home as quickly as expected.  

Seeking help after a birth injury 

A mother puts a lot of trust in her healthcare team before, during, and after childbirth. When a medical professional is negligent during this crucial time period, the child can suffer serious injuries. Parents of a child injured due to medical malpractice can consult an experienced attorney to see what options they have in acting against the individual and/or health care facility deemed at fault.