Medical malpractice suspected as cause of child’s death

Medical malpractice suspected as cause of child’s death

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Any Texas parent who has ever visited an emergency room with a child suffering from unexplained illness will likely relate to the worry a mother in another state felt when a similar incident occurred involving her 2-year-old son. Sadly, that situation resulted in tragedy. The mother and her husband have since filed a medical malpractice lawsuit claiming doctors failed to issue an accurate diagnosis in a timely manner.

The baby was apparently suffering from severe abdominal pain and was unable to keep any food down. After examining the baby in the emergency room, doctors sent him home, telling his parents he was most likely merely suffering from some sort of virus. The child’s parents were instructed to visit their family doctor if symptoms did not subside.

The boy’s mother was very upset at being sent home with a child who appeared to be in a lot of pain without a more accurate diagnosis as to what may have been the cause. She requested further testing be performed to search for answers. Doctors denied her requests.

The couple’s son died from severe septic shock caused by a very common, highly treatable intestinal problem. Had doctors performed an ultra sound when the mother requested further testing, they likely would have made an appropriate diagnosis and prevented the child’s death. Other parents in Texas who have suffered similar tragedies have filed medical malpractice claims to seek legal accountability against those who were negligent. While it is difficult to think beyond the sorrow of a child’s death, compensation awarded in a successful claim can ease financial burdens often associated with such incidents.

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