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Motorcyclist run over, killed in fatal accident

When drivers do not pay attention to what they are doing while operating a vehicle, an accident often results. Whether a fender bender, one with serious injuries or a fatal accident, it has the potential to cause pain and suffering for many years to come. Texas police recently arrested a woman after a fatal accident claimed the life of another woman.

According to news reports, the evening accident happened near a major retail grocery store. The victim was riding her motorcycle, attempting to flee the scene of another accident when she crashed her bike. A woman in a sedan came upon the scene and ran over the woman as she lay in the road.

Intoxication manslaughter charge after fatal accident

Some people refuse to acknowledge just how dangerous it is to drive after they have been drinking. Not only are they a danger to themselves, but their impaired abilities may cause a fatal accident, taking the lives of others who may mean so much to so many. A woman has been charged with intoxication manslaughter after Texas troopers say her decision to drink before driving resulted in a fatal accident.

A Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Nissan Altima were headed in the same direction on a state highway. The Nissan, traveling a good bit faster than the posted speed limit, came upon the Jeep and hit the rear of the SUV. The impact threw the 55-year-old male driver from his seat and out of the vehicle. He died at the scene.

Mother files lawsuit after son killed in fatal accident

A catastrophic storm finds most Texas residents retreating to the safest place in the house or to a storm shelter. Such a natural disaster in itself is enough to cause a fatal accident, but for seemingly fearless storm chasers, there is a greater potential for loss of life. Three people tracking a storm two years ago were victims of a fatal accident, and the mother of one of them is now pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit as a result.

The mother is asking The Weather Channel (TWC) for $125 million, as they employed the two people she believes caused the death of her 25-year-old son. The young man, a certified storm spotter by the National Weather Service, was tracking a severe storm crossing Texas when he was hit by two storm chasers who ran a stop sign as they were streaming a live feed for TWC. The mother's lawsuit claims the two storm chasers had reached 70 mph when their vehicle slammed into her son's Jeep. All three men were killed in the collision.

Fatal accident claims lives of mother and son

Numerous people are killed or seriously injured every day in auto accidents. Those who drive while distracted, intoxicated or otherwise occupied take a significant risk in causing a fatal accident. Texas Rangers have arrested a man for his part in causing a fatal accident.

A report stated the man was driving an SUV, transporting six passengers when a state trooper made an attempt to pull him over for unspecified reasons. The man tried to evade the trooper and drove across the median in his effort to get away. After hitting a sedan coming from the opposite direction, the SUV driver got out of the vehicle and fled the scene on foot. The mother and son in the sedan were killed upon impact.

2 defective product recalls close company

Each and every day, consumers purchase products based on advertising claims that may or may not be true. Too often a shopper will end up with a defective product that may not work properly, and even worse, could cause physical damage from its use. A Texas business has closed because federal regulators say it has not just one defective product, but two that will potentially harm consumers.

Just one month ago the company recalled one of its products, an Indian herb, because there was a reported incident where ingredients in the compound caused a burn to the skin when it was applied. The herb was not approved by the Food and Drug Administration but was sold online to a number of people living in various countries throughout the world. The company claimed the herb would help abnormal growths on the body as well as blood disorders.

Fatal accident takes life of cyclist

There is potential danger no matter the type wheeled transportation a Texas resident chooses to use. When drivers do not follow the rules of the road, the consequences can be severe. A school bus and a bicycle were involved in a recent fatal accident.

A report stated the bus, after stopping at a stop sign, proceeded through an intersection and ran into the cyclist. The young man on the bicycle was in a bike lane and had the right-of-way. The impact drove the bicycle to the ground, with the cyclist sliding underneath the bus. The rear wheels ran over the man before he could move out of the way, killing him immediately.

Fatal accident kills 1, seriously injures another

Despite all the warnings of possible consequences to the contrary, people continue to drink and drive. The repercussions of this dangerous behavior can last for years to come, especially if it causes a fatal accident. An employee of a Texas university was killed in a fatal accident caused by another person who was driving under the influence.

The University of Houston-Clear Lake employee had been picked up at a nearby airport by a local rideshare operator and was headed home when a pickup truck hit another pickup truck and continued through an intersection, slamming into the rideshare vehicle. The collision killed the passenger and put the driver into a coma, where he remains, according to a report. The passenger had been texting his wife as the truck smashed into the car.

A tanker truck accident is especially dangerous

When a large truck is in an accident, it often causes significant damage. Because the size and force of these big rigs, a truck accident is likely to cause grave or even fatal injuries. Tanker trucks are particularly dangerous, especially when they are transporting hazardous substances along Texas roads. 

Tanker trucks are more likely to roll over than other types of trucks. Because they carry liquid, there are not always able to maintain stability in a collision. An impact can cause the liquid to shift and topple the truck over. Many tankers carry highly volatile and dangerous chemicals, which can explode or cause a fire in a crash.

Woman pleads not guilty after spring break fatal accident

Students of all ages look forward every year to spring break. It not only signals that summer break is around the academic bend but, for many of those in high school and college, it means it's time to party. Unfortunately, many of those students feel like a party is not a party unless drugs or alcohol are involved. Add a car into the mix and a fatal accident is an all-too-frequent outcome. One Texas woman is still awaiting a trial date for her part in a fatal accident where alcohol played a large part.

In the early morning hours of St. Patrick's Day 2017, six people were walking on the side of the road in a bike lane when a car veered from its lane of traffic into the bike lane. At least four of the pedestrians were hit and the impact critically injured one, a 19-year-old female. She died the next day after being placed on life support after the accident.

Fatal accident results in charges for 21-year-old

Many people who have sports cars love to show them off. They take pride in the way the car looks and the way it performs. Sometimes these car owners can get carried away in their boasting, with a show of speed resulting in a crash. A Texas man is facing charges after police say he caused a fatal accident.

A 21-year-old man was displaying the power of his 2014 Ford Mustang to a friend by weaving in and out of traffic and speeding. While his friend was recording the joy ride, a witness claims the car was traveling at a speed of 70 mph, twice the posted limit of 35. As the vehicle reached a construction zone, the driver hit a man who was running across the road.

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