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Fatal accident lands man in prison

A fatal accident can affect so many people in so many ways. Family members and friends on both sides have to live without someone they love, whether their loved one is no longer on this earth or is serving time in prison as a consequence of his or her actions. After only 25 minutes of deliberation, a Texas jury has found a man guilty in a hit-and-run fatal accident trial.

According to his attorney, the driver drove away from the scene of the accident, believing only that someone had thrown something at his car. He also said there would have been no reason for his client not to not stop had he known he hit a person. He claims his client found out about the accident when he saw the news the next day.

Man facing prison time in fatal accident

Learning to live life without someone who was here one minute and gone the next is one of the hardest things a person can go through. Sadly, that is just one of the heartbreaking aftermaths of a fatal accident. The family of a Texas woman is mourning after their loved one was killed in a late-night single-vehicle crash.

The 50-year-old woman was a passenger in a pickup truck whose driver lost control of the vehicle. Police did not disclose the reason the driver, 18 years of age, could not stay on the road. The truck came to a stop in a field to the side of the highway, and the woman had died before rescue personnel could arrive on the scene.

Fatal accident deadly for 1 pedestrian, 2 others seriously hurt

In an instant a fatal accident can take a mother, a child or a grandparent away from his or her family. With no chance to say goodbye, the surviving loved ones often feel like they're reading a book with no ending for closure. The family of one woman is grieving after she was killed in a fatal accident on a stretch of I-20 in Texas.

Just after midnight, an SUV with its flashers on was parked off to the side of the interstate after an earlier crash. Three pedestrians had stopped to help the driver when a pickup truck veered onto the shoulder behind the SUV. It hit the rear of the SUV, causing the vehicle to spin and hit the pedestrians. The force killed one individual and seriously injured the other two.

Two children killed in crash with 18 wheeler

Riding on a highway or interstate around a tractor-trailer can be frightening. The sheer weight of the enormous vehicle can do irreparable damage to smaller vehicles on the road should they collide. Two children have died after the car in which they were riding was hit by an 18 wheeler on a Texas highway.

Official reports say the 7 a.m. collision happened when a sedan was making a turn off the highway onto a private driveway. Two of the passengers in the car, a two-year-old and a five-year-old, were killed upon impact. The third passenger, six years of age, and the driver of the sedan, the mother of all three children, were taken to two separate medical facilities in an effort to treat the critical injuries both suffered. There has been no update on the condition of either patient.

Passenger victim of single-vehicle fatal accident

The sudden death from a fatal accident leaves a large hole in the lives of the victim's loved ones. There is often no time for goodbyes or one last "I love you." For many young adults, there has been no planning for an end to life that comes too soon. Alcohol is believed to be the cause of a fatal accident that killed a young Texas man.

A 21-year-old was a passenger in a pickup truck that crashed. Several witnesses who were with the driver of the truck and the passenger said the two men had been drinking before leaving in the vehicle. A report stated the two crashed after the driver fled the scene of a lesser accident. He then lost control of the truck, veered into oncoming traffic and hit a roadside barricade.

Driver killed in late-night fatal accident

Losing a family member or close friend in a fatal accident is devastating. The pain from the loss may lessen some with time, but it will never fully go away. The family of a 33-year-old Texas woman is facing that pain after she was killed in a recent fatal accident.

A report on the accident disclosed the woman was in her SUV headed east around 11 p.m. The driver of a pickup truck was going west, but in the eastbound lane of the highway. The two vehicles crashed into each other. No other vehicles were affected by the collision.

Fatal accident claims lives of teenagers

The death of a child is one of the hardest things a parent could ever experience. Losing the child through a senseless act that results in a fatal accident is beyond comprehension. A 14-year-old boy is facing charges by police in a Texas city after his part in causing a fatal accident.

A police officer was eyewitness to a drag race between two SUVs one recent morning around 2 a.m. He said both drivers were speeding and both lost control of their vehicles when one hit the other. One SUV crashed into a tree and flipped over, the impact killing the driver and his passenger. One occupant was 14 years old and the other, 15.

Alcohol consumption blamed for fatal accident

There are countless numbers of Texas residents who have lost loved ones in a fatal accident caused by drunk driving. The impact such a loss leaves differs with each case, but the fact remains that a life was taken because another person was negligent. A 23-year-old woman was recently killed in a fatal accident due to drinking and driving.

According to police reports, a 31-year-old male was driving an SUV east in the Interstate 20 westbound lanes. He collided with one vehicle, causing it to spin until it hit a third vehicle. The driver continued, crashing head-on into another vehicle in his path. The impact caused that vehicle to be pushed into an 18-wheeler and caused the man's vehicle to catch on fire.

7th trial delay for woman accused of causing fatal accident

When negligence causes a fatal accident, there is often a ripple effect that lasts for many years. The accused person may face years in prison if criminal charges result in a conviction. However, the surviving family and friends of someone killed in a fatal accident have to learn to live without someone they cherish. A Texas woman has yet another trial delay after being indicted for two counts of intoxication manslaughter.

One year ago this month, a man pulled his pickup truck to the side of the road to help another driver who had also pulled over because of a flat tire. As the two were changing the tire, a third driver came upon the scene and hit the parked pickup truck. The truck then hit the back of the car with the flat tire which, in turn, hit the two people working on the flat. The driver of the pickup died upon impact, and the other driver succumbed to her injuries after being transported to a nearby hospital.

Intoxicated driving believed to have caused fatal accident

With all the decades-long advertising campaigns against drinking and driving, a Texas resident would think there would be fewer families grieving a loved who died in a fatal accident caused by a drunk driver. The heartbreak of saying farewell to someone because of the negligence of another person can be a pain that seemingly never ends. A recent fatal accident was said to be caused by someone who had been drinking before he got behind the wheel of his truck.

There were eyewitness accounts of the 7:45 p.m. accident. They informed police that they had seen a pickup truck weaving in and out of traffic, traveling faster than the posted speed limit. The driver apparently came close to crashing into several cars in his haste. When suddenly crossed over into oncoming traffic, he hit another vehicle head-on.

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