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Fatal accident results in charges for 21-year-old

Many people who have sports cars love to show them off. They take pride in the way the car looks and the way it performs. Sometimes these car owners can get carried away in their boasting, with a show of speed resulting in a crash. A Texas man is facing charges after police say he caused a fatal accident.

A 21-year-old man was displaying the power of his 2014 Ford Mustang to a friend by weaving in and out of traffic and speeding. While his friend was recording the joy ride, a witness claims the car was traveling at a speed of 70 mph, twice the posted limit of 35. As the vehicle reached a construction zone, the driver hit a man who was running across the road.

Man gives police outrageous account for cause of fatal accident

It is tragic to lose a family member or close friend because someone decided to drink and drive. A fatal accident that takes the life of someone of any age brings pain and suffering to those who were closest to the victim. A Texas man has been arrested after causing a fatal accident that has been blamed on drinking and driving.

A report on the incident states the 24-year-old man was driving with the passenger side wheels on the curb when he ran a red light. He collided with a car going through the intersection and sent the car crashing into a third vehicle. The driver of the second car, a 22-year-old female had to be cut out of her vehicle but died by the time she reached a local hospital. The driver of the third vehicle was also transported to the hospital but will recover.

Prison a possibility for man who caused fatal accident

Some vehicular accidents are unavoidable but some could have been prevented had consideration for other drivers been taken into account. When a fatal accident happens, not only might the responsible party pay in fines and jail time for years to come, but family and friends of the victim lose someone very dear to them for the duration of their lives. A Texas man may be facing a prison sentence for causing a fatal accident that could and should have been avoided.

The pickup truck the 54-year-old man was driving hit the median of a state highway as he was headed west. The truck then flew in the air and landed on the other side of the highway, taking the top off a Lexus and landing on a Chevrolet compact SUV. The impact killed the drivers of the two vehicles that were struck, and five people were injured.

Fatal accident in school parking lot

It is the delight of many parents to take and pick up their children on the first day of school. Amidst taking pictures and meeting new teachers and classmates, the thought of a fatal accident might be the farthest thing from a parent's mind. One Texas woman's family was devastated when what should have been a day of happy memories to be made turned into a nightmare involving a fatal accident.

A 58-year-old man was pulling out of a parking spot after picking up his children when he sideswiped the vehicle next to him. According to a report, the thump disoriented him and he pressed on the accelerator instead of the brake. There were a number of parents and children walking through the parking lot and two mothers and three children were hit by the car moving forward. One of the mothers was knocked down by the collision, and two of the children were caught underneath the car but pulled out by other parents on the scene. The man put the car in reverse, backed up a little and then forward again, hitting the mother on the ground a second time and killing her. 

Medical malpractice: Boy dies after visit to dentist

Most parents in Texas may picture a dentist visit ending with a child getting a good cleaning and maybe a lesson in flossing and brushing their teeth. Parents may be horrified to learn that one dental visit in another state ended in a boy's death after a procedure. The family has recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the practice that handled his care.

At the age of 2, the accused dental practice recommended an invasive procedure called pulpotomies. The procedure was basically a root canal for children that also involved a crown placement over the child's baby tooth. The risky part of the procedure involved children being sedated by an anesthesiologist.

Murder charge for 14-year-old boy after fatal accident

Teenagers have pulled mischievous pranks for many years. Although no one expects them to lead to a fatal accident, there can be an element of harm in some. One teenage Texas boy has been charged with murder after a supposed night of pranks resulted in a fatal accident.

Three teenage boys were riding around in a GMC Acadia, egging cars they passed on the road. The driver of one of the cars they hit, a Lincoln, was enraged and chased after them. The driver of the Acadia, only 14 years of age, ran a red light in his effort to outrun the other vehicle. He crashed into a pickup truck going through the intersection.

Man's life taken in fatal accident on New Year's Day

As a Texas driver on the road these days, it is advantageous to be wary of other drivers. There are those who may be distracted by a cell phone, a passenger or their own thoughts. There are those who have consumed a substance that diminishes brain function and physical reaction time. Either of these predicaments has the potential to result in a fatal accident. A man's life ended on New Year's Day in a needless tragedy.

Just before daylight a 35-year-old woman was attempting to merge from an exit ramp onto Interstate 20. She overshot her lane and crashed into a vehicle traveling along the interstate. The impact of the collision sent the second vehicle off the road and into a pillar. The driver was killed immediately.

Alcohol possibly to blame in fatal accident

Some people may be able to drive from one point to another just fine after alcohol consumption, but that does not mean it is a good idea. The likelihood of causing a fatal accident that brings horrific heartache to a number of people increases with every drink guzzled. Police believe alcohol was a factor in a fatal accident involving an ambulance and a Texas man with a prior DWI arrest.

Police reports state the man was rapidly backing out of a store's parking lot in his pickup truck when he hit another vehicle attempting to turn into the same lot. The collision caused the truck to roll into the lane of oncoming traffic. An ambulance was traveling in the lane, and the two vehicles collided head-on.

Sizeable monetary award in mother's wrongful death lawsuit

Most Texas parents never dream of having to bury one of their children. Unfortunately that happens way too often as a result of negligence on the part of another individual. A financial award from a wrongful death lawsuit will not return the child to the parents, but it will hold the responsible party or parties accountable for their actions. The mother of former Dallas Cowboys football player, Jerry Brown Jr., filed a wrongful death suit and has been awarded $25 million six years after her son died in a crash.

Brown and a teammate and long-time friend Josh Brent had left Beamers, a local nightclub, in Brent's car. Once he reached 110 mph, his car flipped and Brown was killed as a result. When Brent was tested, his blood-alcohol level was found to be over twice the legal limit.

Fatal accident: Pedestrian loses life in hit-and-run crash

Many Texas residents walk for health, while others walk out of necessity. No matter the reason, walking when moving cars are in the vicinity can be hazardous and sometimes can result in a serious or even fatal accident. A pedestrian was recently killed after being hit by a car.

A man was walking in the right lane of the road for unknown reasons, and it was already dark and raining. A 33-year-old driver hit the man and then sped away without attending to the injured victim or waiting for law enforcement authorities. The pedestrian was transported to a local hospital and died soon after his arrival.

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