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Fatal accident: Pedestrian loses life in hit-and-run crash

Many Texas residents walk for health, while others walk out of necessity. No matter the reason, walking when moving cars are in the vicinity can be hazardous and sometimes can result in a serious or even fatal accident. A pedestrian was recently killed after being hit by a car.

A man was walking in the right lane of the road for unknown reasons, and it was already dark and raining. A 33-year-old driver hit the man and then sped away without attending to the injured victim or waiting for law enforcement authorities. The pedestrian was transported to a local hospital and died soon after his arrival.

Fatal accident claims life of one man, seriously injures others

People get in their vehicles every day, headed for a particular destination, but sadly, some never make it. A fatal accident can happen to any person at any time. One Texas family has lost a beloved member after a recent deadly crash.

The accident involved two pickup trucks, one a Dodge and the other a Chevrolet. Three men, all related, were in the Chevrolet and were headed south on a state highway when the Dodge, coming from the south, crossed over into their lane of traffic and crashed into their truck. One of the passengers in the Chevrolet was killed by the impact.

Woman killed in fatal accident with stolen truck

The victim of a crime is hardly ever just one person. There is a ripple effect among family and friends, especially when the victim is critically injured or killed as a result of the commission of the crime. A fatal accident caused by negligence is a crime that can leave families devastated for many years to come. A woman was killed in a fatal accident when a Texas man allegedly chose to break the law.

Police were called when a company-owned truck was stolen. The police were able to locate the truck and attempted to pull it over, but the driver eluded the police. In his haste to get away, however, he crashed into an SUV, killing the driver instantly. He ran away from the scene on foot and hijacked a sedan from another driver. Police were unable to follow him.

Man receives sentence after causing fatal accident

A life that is lost because of the negligence of another person is a life that will never again know the joy of a kind word, a smile or the touch of someone he or she loved. When a family loses someone in a fatal accident, they will go through their grieving process and may eventually want to see the person responsible held accountable in some way. A Texas man who caused a fatal accident over two years ago has received his sentence for his actions.

The now-25-year-old man was out with friends on a summer night. He was driving a pickup truck and had three friends with him when he hit a curb on the side of the road, causing him to strike a pole and then crash into a parked vehicle in a driveway. One of his friends did not survive the collision, and the other two were critically injured and transported to a nearby hospital. After the incident, he told police he had been drinking before getting in the truck to drive.

Sentence rendered in fatal accident that killed 13

No matter the age, most people like to go on excursions. A traveler who may not get out as much often feels an excitement and anticipation for an upcoming trip not found with participation in other activities. When embarking on such an adventure, the thought of a fatal accident might never enter the mind of a traveler. A group of Texas senior citizens never reached home when all but one recently died in a fatal accident.

A year-and-a-half ago, the group boarded a bus to take them home after a three-day retreat. Around the same time, a 21-year-old man was at his pharmacy picking up prescribed medication he took to treat depression and PTSD. Not long after he got back in his truck, he crashed into the bus transporting the senior group. The lone survivor in the party of 14 spent a month in the hospital before a rehab assignment. She is now dependent on her sons to take care of her.

Speed may have been a factor in fatal accident

Victims of a collision are not limited to those in the vehicles. Those killed in a fatal accident have family members and friends who suffer greatly in the loss of their loved one. Three pickup trucks were involved in a recent fatal accident on a U.S. highway that runs through Texas.

According to a police report on the collision, a Ford F-350 driven by a 51-year-old man was moving at an excessive speed down the highway when it hit another pickup truck. The impact caused the second pickup to run off the road. The Ford did not stop but resumed its forward path and hit a third pickup, causing it to also leave the road. The Ford finally came to a stop, with the driver uninjured.

4 vehicles collide in fatal accident

Not being able to tell a loved one farewell is something no one wants to experiene. However, that is unfortunately the case after many a fatal accident. A 27-year-old Texas man will never get the chance to hear his family tell him goodbye or that they love him after he lost his life in a fatal accident.

A report stated two pickup trucks followed by a sedan were headed eastbound around 7:30 a.m. A third pickup truck came upon the line of traffic and ran into the rear of the sedan, causing a chain reaction of collisions involving all four vehicles. Initial investigation showed the driver of the third truck was going too fast at the time of the crash.

Man dies in fatal accident blamed on intoxicated driving

Knowing the possibility of danger exists, some people still choose to drink and drive. That type of negligent action can result in a fatal accident or severe injury to another person. A family in Texas is grieving after a fatal accident.

A man in a sedan turned onto the southbound lane of a state highway and was immediately hit by a pickup truck. Emergency personnel arrived on the scene but found the driver of the sedan had already died. A woman and two children were passengers in the pickup truck and were taken to a nearby hospital. The injuries for all three were apparently not considered serious.

Sisters killed in fatal accident

When a Texas driver does not pay attention while on the road, there is the potential for a catastrophe. The repercussions from causing a fatal accident may not end with a minor penalty. To someone who negligently causes a fatal accident, a judge can pass a sentence of several years in jail and an exorbitant fine.

A woman and her sister were recently killed in an evening accident. A spokesperson for the state's Department of Public Safety said around 7:00 p.m. a red SUV was driving west and veered into the lane of oncoming traffic. The SUV hit a sedan in a head-on collision. The impact killed the sisters, 51 and 57 years of age.

Malfunctioning light may have been cause of fatal accident

Sometimes a collision between two or more vehicles is not the fault of any driver. At those times a fatal accident on the road may happen because certain equipment does not work as intended. That may prove to be the case in a recent fatal accident on a north-to-south Texas highway.

Although a report on the accident did not go into much detail about the accident itself, it did state a vehicle pulling a trailer collided with another vehicle. One driver, a 71-year-old woman, died at the scene of the accident. The other driver was severely injured and had to be taken to a nearby hospital. That person is now listed in stable condition.

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