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Teen brothers killed in heartbreaking fatal accident

The teenage years should be carefree and full of joy. Sadly, causing a fatal accident as a teen can cause repercussions that can continue far into adulthood. Two Texas teenagers died in a fatal accident that may have been the result of the negligence of a friend.

The 17-year-old driver and his girlfriend occupied the front seat of a 2005 Nissan Altima, while their two friends, brothers 17 and 14 years of age, were in the back. For a reason that has yet to be determined by investigators, the driver lost control of the vehicle. It veered off the road, crashed into a tree and flipped over. Although they were injured, the driver and his girlfriend tried to pull the trapped brothers from the car.

Fatal accident caused by driver police say had been drinking

Most people who die in a fatal accident had dreams and goals they were working to achieve just minutes before they died. They had plans with beloved family members and close friends. They had their whole lives ahead of them until the actions of another person changed their futures. A Texas man has been arrested for his part in a recent fatal accident.

According to a report, the man was driving a pickup truck around 1:30 a.m. when he hit an SUV. The driver of the SUV was in the process of making a U-turn at the time. The force of the collision killed her at the scene.

Fatal accident claims life of cyclist

A number of states, including Texas, have a "share the road" law, meaning bicycles are to be treated the same as a motorized vehicle on the road. Motorists who do not follow this law are in great danger of causing a fatal accident. One cyclist was recently killed in an early morning fatal accident.

At approximately 1:45 a.m., a 22-year-old was behind the wheel of his pickup truck and drove through a red light. Coming through the intersection on his bicycle was a 29-year-old male. The truck collided with the bicycle, with the impact seriously injuring the rider. By the time emergency vehicles reached the hospital, the cyclist had died.

Alcohol consumption blamed for fatal accident

When behind the wheel, a driver must remain in a continual state of awareness of his or her surroundings. A driver who is not paying attention to the road can be a hazard to other drivers, bicycle riders or pedestrians by causing anything from a minor mishap to a fatal accident. A 73-year-old Texas man was killed in a fatal accident one recent weekend evening.

The man was crossing the road at an intersection when he was hit by a car. The force of the collision killed him at the scene. The driver of the car did not stop to help and drove away. Police were able to find the driver soon after the fatal hit.

Two die in fatal accident with 18-wheeler

Driving near an 18-wheeler can be frightening. While there are a number of big-rig drivers who have never been involved in a fatal accident, there are some who have been the cause of some horrific catastrophes while driving on the nation's roads. A section of Interstate 20 that runs through Texas was the scene of a fatal accident involving an 18-wheeler and several smaller vehicles.

Four cars were stopped in one of the Interstate's lanes of traffic due to an earlier vehicle rollover, as the 18-wheeler was coming up behind them. The truck driver did not slow his speed in time to avoid hitting the rear car. The collision caused a domino effect among the other cars, initiating not only damage to all the vehicles but killing one of the drivers and the passenger. Another driver was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Brain injury suffered by moped driver

Many people have suffered from a brain injury and have lived completely normal lives afterward. Some have needed assistance with simple, everyday tasks and still others have not survived whatever catastrophe caused the injury. A Texas man is not expected to live after an accident caused a brain injury.

A police report stated the man had been riding his moped close to midnight when two horses ran into his path. Although the driver of another vehicle on the road blew his horn as a warning, the moped driver had headphones over his ears and most likely did not hear the alert. He was not able to stop in time and did hit one of the animals.

Fatal accident takes mother away from her 2 children

Those who have lost a loved one -- whether from a fatal accident, a disease or any other way -- typically go through several stages of grief in order to help process the loss. Even in their pain, adults may still be cognizant of the fact that they are able to move from severe anguish to reluctant acceptance of the loss, no matter how slowly the progression. However, children are not often able to handle their grief in the same manner as adults. Two children lost their mother, a 40-year-old Texas woman, in a recent fatal accident.

A report states the driver of a pickup truck suddenly swerved out of the lane in which he was driving and collided with a sedan stopped at a stop sign. The force killed the mother, who was driving the sedan. Upon examination at a local hospital, her two children, ages 16 and 10, were found to be injured. Thankfully, their wounds were not life-threatening.

Hit-and-run driver causes fatal accident

The heartbreak of losing a child is said to be like none other. When a child is lost in a fatal accident with no chance for loved ones to say goodbye, the pain is intensified. An 11-year-old boy was the victim in a recent hit-and-run fatal accident that occurred on a Texas highway.

An examination of the boy's body after it had been found in the highway's median revealed he had been hit by some type of vehicle. The police were not able to determine who the child was, as he did not have any identification with him. His mother reported him missing several hours after he was found, and officers concluded the body they had found was that of the mother's son.

Alcohol consumption is blamed in fatal accident

A fatal accident can leave widespread devastation in its wake. Family members and close friends of the deceased have to learn to live without someone who has meant so much to them. Children have to grow up without parents, and parents have an empty void left by a child who died too soon. A fatal accident recently claimed the life of a 62-year-old Texas woman.

A report on the collision revealed the woman was in a left turn lane waiting on traffic to clear for her turn when a pickup truck slammed into the rear of her vehicle. The truck was driven by a 25-year-old male who had been drinking before getting on the road. Police stated the impact of the collision caused the injuries that killed the woman at the scene.

Fatal accident lands man in prison

A fatal accident can affect so many people in so many ways. Family members and friends on both sides have to live without someone they love, whether their loved one is no longer on this earth or is serving time in prison as a consequence of his or her actions. After only 25 minutes of deliberation, a Texas jury has found a man guilty in a hit-and-run fatal accident trial.

According to his attorney, the driver drove away from the scene of the accident, believing only that someone had thrown something at his car. He also said there would have been no reason for his client not to not stop had he known he hit a person. He claims his client found out about the accident when he saw the news the next day.

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