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Woman dies in fatal accident after beginning new business

Fatal accidents often involve the collision of two or more motor vehicles. Sometimes a vehicle hits a pedestrian, resulting in serious injury or death. A recent unusual fatal accident in a small Texas town involved an SUV and a carriage drawn by a horse.

The 52-year-old operator of the carriage had begun her tour service on Thanksgiving Day. She had been the driver of a carriage for several years in Fredericksburg and had wanted to bring the charm of the old-fashioned transportation to the place where she grew up. She and her sister were riding just outside the town when the SUV collided with the back of the carriage.

Alleged defective product at center of lawsuit

It is really discouraging to pay good money for a product and it not work as intended. It is even worse if the defective product is medically necessary in order to maintain a productive and healthy lifestyle. A Texas man has filed a lawsuit for a defective product he says did not do the job for which it was manufactured.

A report about the filing did not give specific details on the injuries experienced by the plaintiff, but the suit is against the manufacturer of a filter that was to catch any blood clots in the veins, thus preventing a venous thromboembolism, or VTE. The device was implanted in the plaintiff's inferior vena cava nearly nine years ago. While he is seeking financial compensation to cover punitive damages as well as his injuries, the amount he is requesting was not reported.

Racing said to be the cause of fatal accident

Although street racing is illegal, that does not prevent some drivers from participating in an activity that often turns from daring into deadly. A high-speed race on a road littered with numerous drivers can almost guarantee injury, if not a fatal accident. Texas police say a Christmas Day race between two drivers caused two deaths and injuries to two other people.

Police report two men, each driving a Ford Mustang, raced each other on a state highway in an area that is known to be a popular spot for speed competition. The sheriff investigating the crash said both men were driving over 90 mph, even though the posted limit is only 45. At some point on the highway, one of the drivers hit an SUV and then another sedan.

Fatal accident brings tragedy to family

For most Texas residents, the holidays are filled with joy and anticipation of making treasured memories with family and friends. However, it is also the time of year when more people are inclined to drink more alcoholic beverages. Driving after consuming too much alcohol has the potential to end in tragedy. A woman was recently killed in a fatal accident and police believe alcohol to have been a factor in the crash.

According to a police report, the 3 a.m. accident occurred when a driver sideswiped another car on the road and then hit a third vehicle from behind. The third vehicle was pushed into the path of yet another car and was hit again. An off-duty police officer came upon the scene and found one person ejected from the vehicle and a 10-year-old boy trapped inside.

Fatal accident claims lives of mother and unborn child

The aftermath of a fatal accident can be devastating for a victim's surviving family. For the loved ones of the person who was killed, it is a pain-filled parting with no goodbyes. For the person who caused the fatal accident, it may mean criminal charges, jail time and civil lawsuits. A local police department in Texas is investigating an accident that resulted in the deaths of a pregnant teenage girl and the baby she was carrying.

Information from the investigation, including eyewitness accounts, have led police to believe that an SUV --occupied by the pregnant teen, her unborn baby and a male passenger -- was struck by a Mercedes sedan. Both vehicles were occupied by a driver and a passenger. The Mercedes was operated by an off-duty firefighter. Medical personnel were able to deliver the girl's baby, but it did not survive. Her passenger was seriously hurt and transported to a local hospital.

Fatal accident that killed pedestrian blamed on speeding driver

Texas drivers have to utilize caution when it comes to other drivers on the road. There is also a responsibility to pay attention to any pedestrians that may be walking in or near the roadway. A recent fatal accident took the life of a woman as she walking in El Paso.

In the early morning hours of a recent Wednesday, a woman driving an SUV attempted to pass a slower vehicle. The roads were wet and she could not maintain control of her SUV, causing it to hit a small sedan illegally parked on the side of the road. As the smaller car was pushed from its position, it hit a woman who had been standing beside it.

Medical malpractice suit may be filed against nurse practitioner

People need to be able to trust their medical professionals. While not every diagnosis and course of treatment is exact, there should be a reasonable expectation by every patient that his or her doctors will dispense sound medical advice based on thorough examination and testing. When that does not happen, each patient has the right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. A Texas law firm has been hired by two separate families for possible medical malpractice suits against a nurse practitioner.

The nurse runs a clinic set up to help patients improve their lifestyles, particularly in the area of weight management. The reviews on social media are good overall. One of the plaintiffs sought the help of the clinic when he was feeling more tired than he felt he should. After two months and nearly $1,000, he is still in a fatigued state as well as often feeling like his heart is beating too fast. He is seeking treatment elsewhere in addition to filing a lawsuit.

DUI prevention apparatus may share blame in fatal accident

A distraction is anything that takes a person's complete focus off what he or she is doing. Even the most well-meaning distractions can cause a fatal accident when a person is driving a car. An 18-year-old Texas girl was recently killed in a fatal accident before she even left her residence.

The girl was backing into the street from her driveway when a pickup truck hit the passenger side of her car. She lived for another week before succumbing to her injuries. The driver of the pickup truck, although sober at the time of the crash, had been blowing into a device that measures his blood alcohol level and had looked away from the road as he turned off the machine. The lack of skid marks at the scene showed he did not apply his brakes to keep from hitting the girl's car.

Excessive alcohol consumption blamed for fatal accident

All too often, driving after consuming a substance that impairs a person's faculties as well as physical reactions can have long-lasting consequences. Minor fender-benders can cause insurance rates to increase for a number of years and a fatal accident can result in insurance cancellation, driver's license revocation, time in jail and additional adverse woes. Texas police were recently called to the scene of a fatal accident they say was caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

Police summation of events indicate a 41-year-old male driving a Jeep Wrangler veered off the lane in which he was traveling, crossed the median and hit a Fiat headed in the opposite direction. Two members of the family of four in the Fiat, the mother and son, were killed instantly. The other two, the father and daughter, were transported to a local hospital where the father later died, according to an updated report.

Parents file medical malpractice suit after death of daughter

Everyone in Texas who needs medical attention wants to be able to trust that the medical professionals who will be providing treatment and care know what they are doing and that they will cure the ailment. Unfortunately there are times a misdiagnosis occurs, and the condition of the patient worsens or he or she dies. In these cases, a medical malpractice suit may be filed. Two parents have filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after the death of their four-year-old daughter.

After running a fever at a high of 101 degrees, the little girl was taken to a freestanding emergency room for treatment. The attending physician diagnosed her with an ear infection and sent her home, even though her heart rate was well above normal. The family had to return to the facility only five hours later, as the girl's condition had worsened. She was in cardiopulmonary arrest, and the doctor was unable to revive her. Her autopsy showed the brain infection bacterial meningitis caused her death.

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