Treating cerebral palsy after a birthing mishap

Treating cerebral palsy after a birthing mishap

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Although having a baby is typically a joyful and exciting experience, so many things can go wrong during the birthing process that expectant mothers are often a little nervous or worried about their impending labors and deliveries. Sadly, many babies in Texas and elsewhere suffer injury as they make their way through the birth canal. In fact, thousands of babies develop cerebral palsy after having been injured during birth.

Doctor negligence is often listed as a causal factor in situations where babies have been injured during birth. Vacuum extraction, forceps deliveries and dystocia are common complications believed to be associated with cerebral palsy onset. Considered a condition that results in permanent disability, treatment and necessary life assistance can be quite expensive for parents who may be unprepared to meet such costs.

Approximately a half million people throughout the nation suffer from cerebral palsy. Ranging from mild to severe conditions, symptoms vary, and treatment must be customized to each patient in order to help him or her reach the fullest recovery possible. Even parents who had prior knowledge of the condition may feel overwhelmed and frightened when unexpectedly faced with it in their own lives.

If a Texas parent believes a doctor’s negligence led to a son or daughter’s cerebral palsy, a discussion can be raised with an experienced personal injury attorney regarding how to file a medical malpractice claim. A parent whose child has suffered has every right to request compensation for damages. In a successfully litigated situation, a monetary judgment can provide resources to pay medical bills and obtain any other supplies or assistance necessary to treat a particular injury.

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