Half million med mal deaths per year include many in Texas

Half million med mal deaths per year include many in Texas

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Many Texas readers may be alarmed to learn that approximately 500,000 people suffer fatal injuries associated with medical errors every year throughout the nation. In fact, some estimates claim doctors and medical professionals make mistakes in providing care and treatment to patients as much as 15 percent of the time. Injuries suffered in med mal situations are often quite severe.

As one medical author recently explained, if a teacher, plumber or other technician makes a mistake, the situation is often reparable. However, the same cannot always be said for surgical errors or other medical mishaps. Such situations often result in permanent disabilities and/or  deaths of patients.

In comparison, the shocking number of deaths related to medical negligence situations is said to be the equivalent of three airplane crashes per day, with no survivors. The same author mentioned that his own mother died after a doctor issued an incorrect diagnosis of her condition. Misdiagnosis is one of the major causes of medical injury in the nation.

Some say at least 12 million people in the United States suffer adverse effects from wrong diagnoses each year. At least one third of those are seriously injured as a result. Patients in Texas who suffer illness or injury due to med mal situations may seek monetary judgments against those deemed responsible by retaining an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney can enlist third party testimonies that can help substantiate a claim by providing information that confirms severity of injury, as well as what is likely to have caused it.

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