Substantial sum given to family in medical malpractice situation

Substantial sum given to family in medical malpractice situation

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In 2007, a man visited his doctor seeking diagnosis and treatment for severe neck pain. The doctor prescribed various injections and other treatments to alleviate the man’s symptoms. The situation that unfolded following those doctor visits left the man’s family distraught and blaming the doctor for medical malpractice. Some Texas families may currently be facing similar situations.

The man was reportedly diagnosed with cancer, which his family believed should have been noticed during his initial visits to the doctor. He wound up undergoing surgery to remove a spinal tumor. Doctors also tried to treat his disease by administering chemotherapy and radiation. Alas, their efforts did not suffice, and the man succumbed to his condition, leaving his family grief-stricken and seeking justice on his behalf.

They filed a lawsuit, claiming the original doctor’s missed diagnosis caused the man’s death. Family members in such situations often feel frustrated and angry if they believe evidence shows their loved ones’ deaths may have been prevented were it not for doctor negligence. This particular incident led to a 6-month trial.

The family of the decedent agreed to settle the medical malpractice case before the jury was charged. The substantial sum they accepted was not disclosed. No amount of money can replace a loved one’s life; however, any Texas family seeking justice on behalf of a deceased loved one may take comfort in knowing that a personal injury attorney can pursue a course of action on their behalves that may at least provide help to offset expenses associated with their family member’s death.

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