Widower seeking justice in wrongful death of wife and baby

Widower seeking justice in wrongful death of wife and baby

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A young couple in Texas who welcomed a new baby into their family not long ago was struck by tragedy that has led to a lawsuit. The newborn infant and her 19-year-old mother were shot and killed in an apparent wrongful death incident in their own apartment complex. The child’s father was apparently nearby when the shooting occurred and went running to his wife’s side.

As the horrific situation unfolded, the woman took her final breaths in her husband’s arms. Their baby was rushed to a hospital for emergency treatment. Sadly, she did not survive. There is also a 2-year-old daughter in the family.

A lawsuit has been filed against the owners of the apartment complex. Other defendants named in the claim include the real estate company that serves as a property manager for the building and several other parties. The grieving father and husband has stated that if adequate security had been provided at the apartment, his wife and child may still be alive.

There were reportedly several complaints prior to this tragic event regarding lack of security and guards on the apartment grounds. In fact, shortly after the apparent murders occurred, a crew was seen fixing a security gate at the building. Workers from the crew told reporters their presence was mere coincidence as they had been scheduled previously to do the work and it had nothing to do with the recent killings. Any immediate family member who suffers the untimely loss of a loved one in a wrongful death situation in Texas may take similar steps as the man in this case by seeking justice in court.

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