Parents file medical malpractice suit after death of daughter

Parents file medical malpractice suit after death of daughter

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Everyone in Texas who needs medical attention wants to be able to trust that the medical professionals who will be providing treatment and care know what they are doing and that they will cure the ailment. Unfortunately there are times a misdiagnosis occurs, and the condition of the patient worsens or he or she dies. In these cases, a medical malpractice suit may be filed. Two parents have filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after the death of their four-year-old daughter.

After running a fever at a high of 101 degrees, the little girl was taken to a freestanding emergency room for treatment. The attending physician diagnosed her with an ear infection and sent her home, even though her heart rate was well above normal. The family had to return to the facility only five hours later, as the girl’s condition had worsened. She was in cardiopulmonary arrest, and the doctor was unable to revive her. Her autopsy showed the brain infection bacterial meningitis caused her death.

The lawsuit claims the doctor did not properly identify the infection, nor did he transfer the girl to a hospital for a more thorough examination. Furthermore, he was a resident, and there was no attending physician to supervise. The suit also names as a defendant the chain of emergency rooms where the parents took their daughter. The parents and their attorney argue the symptoms would have been clear to an emergency physician had the chain made the investment to have one on staff. They are requesting over $1 million in compensation.

Thankfully, this is not the ending to most medical emergencies. However, for those families who are grieving because of the death or permanent injury from a medical misdiagnosis, there is hope of recouping at least part of the financial burden through a medical malpractice lawsuit. A Texas attorney who specializes in this type of lawsuit will fight for the rights of his or her clients as they seek restitution.

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