Medical malpractice: Boy dies after visit to dentist

Medical malpractice: Boy dies after visit to dentist

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Most parents in Texas may picture a dentist visit ending with a child getting a good cleaning and maybe a lesson in flossing and brushing their teeth. Parents may be horrified to learn that one dental visit in another state ended in a boy’s death after a procedure. The family has recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the practice that handled his care.

At the age of 2, the accused dental practice recommended an invasive procedure called pulpotomies. The procedure was basically a root canal for children that also involved a crown placement over the child’s baby tooth. The risky part of the procedure involved children being sedated by an anesthesiologist.

In the 80-page lawsuit, the family claims that they were never given proper informed consent or explained the risks involved. Reportedly, the documentation for informed consent lacked the required witness and physician signatures. The lawsuit further accuses the practice and physicians of leaving their son alone while he recovered from sedation without adequate oxygen, as they focused their attention on other patients and other procedures.

Medical malpractice attorneys in Texas understand that unexpected tragedy such as this one is very difficult on a family, emotionally and financially. Attorneys are experienced with handling sensitive cases and can advise a family of their legal options after a review of medical records. Some families may choose to file a lawsuit in civil court after speaking with an attorney. It is possible to receive compensation as a result of a lawsuit, to help with unexpected medical and burial expenses.