Fatal accident kills 1, seriously injures another

Fatal accident kills 1, seriously injures another

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Despite all the warnings of possible consequences to the contrary, people continue to drink and drive. The repercussions of this dangerous behavior can last for years to come, especially if it causes a fatal accident. An employee of a Texas university was killed in a fatal accident caused by another person who was driving under the influence.

The University of Houston-Clear Lake employee had been picked up at a nearby airport by a local rideshare operator and was headed home when a pickup truck hit another pickup truck and continued through an intersection, slamming into the rideshare vehicle. The collision killed the passenger and put the driver into a coma, where he remains, according to a report. The passenger had been texting his wife as the truck smashed into the car.

The 21-year-old driver of the first pickup truck admitted to police he had been drinking and they found receipts in his truck as evidence. He had been at two bars, both of which police plan to investigate to see if there is an issue with regard to possibly overserving the patron. Although the driver of the second pickup did not come in contact with the rideshare vehicle, police also arrested him as he did not pass the sobriety test they administered.

One family has unexpected funeral and burial costs and another will have to deal with medical bills, which grow exponentially every day the man is in the hospital. Both families may be wondering where they are going to find the money to pay these massive bills. One solution is to file a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit, as applicable. A Texas attorney will work with clients to present the best case possible for the best outcome possible after a fatal accident or accident resulting in serious injury.