Military members injured after use of alleged defective product

Military members injured after use of alleged defective product

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Basing their purchases on advertising campaigns, consumers spend their hard-earned money on products they feel would be useful to their lives. It can be disheartening to find that their money was wasted on a dangerous or defective product, not to mention the costs of medical treatments that may result. A lawsuit has been filed in Texas against the 3M Company for a defective product that did not provide the service advertised.

The lawsuit alleges that 3M and a subsidiary manufactured and sold an earplug that was supposed to muffle sound when it reached dangerous levels. There was an alleged defect the company did not reveal to the U.S. military when they procured a contract for the sale. Testing showed insertion into the ear canal was hindered because the stem of the earplug was too short and there was no auricular protection. The company claims the device would work correctly if inserted in a particular way; however, instructions were not provided to inform the user.

Because of the misrepresentation of the flaws in design, the company was the only supplier to the troops for 12 years. At least 50 lawsuits have stemmed from hearing loss as a result of using the defective product. There was a settlement payout of over $9 million nearly a year ago, but the company would not admit fault. Just recently there have been new lawsuits filed by 18 service members who claim to suffer from hearing loss after using the earplugs.

A number of people have been adversely affected with a condition that will last the remainder of their lives, allegedly because of this defective product. As long as manufacturers put profit over safety, this will continue to happen. Residents of Texas who now have to live with permanent injury from use of a product that did not work as intended have legal recourse for pursuing financial compensation. An attorney can oversee every aspect of a claim for a potential maximum award.