Fatal accident between train and bus kills 1, injures another

Fatal accident between train and bus kills 1, injures another

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While most Texas residents have numerous thoughts during the hours of the day, they should only be focusing on safety while they are driving. Whether carrying passengers or driving alone, a driver’s attention should be on the surrounding traffic. Any distractions from the concentration required for driving could lead to a deadly crash. Two children were killed when a bus driver’s inattentiveness caused a fatal accident.

A report stated a 78-year-old school bus driver drove up to a railroad crossing and stopped but then continued on his way over the tracks. A train was approaching the area and first slammed into the bus, then carried the bus nearly one-quarter mile down the track. Two children, one enrolled in a local elementary school and the other in a middle school, were passengers in the bus. The older child was killed and the younger child injured by the impact.

The driver had minor injuries and was released from a nearby hospital after treatment. There are two indictments against him, and his bond has been set at $5,000,000 for each one. He is facing penalties for the charges of injury to a child and manslaughter/criminally negligent homicide.

Drivers have a responsibility to be careful as they navigate the roadways. Those with children as passengers should be even more vigilant, as trains are not the only dangers drivers face. Anyone who has had a family member killed in a fatal accident will want to understand the options they have for pursuing financial compensation for which they may be entitled. An attorney in Texas will be a valued resource for filing a wrongful death lawsuit within the legal bounds of the state.