Fatal accident in Texas takes lives of several family members

Fatal accident in Texas takes lives of several family members

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The loss of life from a senseless tragedy on Texas roadways not only brings grief, but anger as well. It is horrific to lose a loved one in a fatal accident and even more so when several family members are killed in the same tragedy. Two, and possibly three, family members died in a recent nighttime fatal accident.

Reportedly, a driver pulled over to the shoulder of I-20 as a result of some unspecified car trouble. A second car was also pulled over and parked, apparently so that the driver could offer assistance regarding the disabled car. A 29-year-old man was coming upon the scene when his car veered onto the shoulder and hit one of the parked cars. The force of the collision pushed the parked car into the second parked car, after which all three cars burst into flames.

One person was in the disabled car, while two others were standing beside it. The person in the car and one of the other two were killed immediately. The third person was taken to a hospital but died of her injuries just hours after her arrival. The instigator of the collision was injured but was treated and released into police custody with charges of intoxication manslaughter. Police say they may also file charges against the place where the man was served alcohol.

The devastation placed upon families who have lost someone in a fatal accident often leaves them wanting to hold the perpetrator accountable for his or her actions. One way to do this is to file a wrongful death lawsuit to pursue a judgment in civil court for monetary damages. A Texas attorney can help families facing this type of circumstance to litigate claims against the party or parties believed responsible.