Every year, thousands are affected by medical malpractice

Every year, thousands are affected by medical malpractice

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Every day in Texas and across the country, thousands of people undergo surgical procedures. Thanks to modern technology and skilled doctors, the vast majority of surgeries are successful and often save lives. However, any time humans are involved, there will always be a chance for errors. Unfortunately, when doctors and other medical professionals make mistakes, patients and families suffer the consequences. Medical malpractice continues to be one of the leading causes of injury and death in the United States.

In another state, a couple filed a lawsuit after alleged negligence led to the husband contracting a severe infection. According to the lawsuit, the man was experiencing dizziness so he sought treatment. The lawsuit claimed that the man’s doctor recommended that he have a pacemaker put in.

After having the pacemaker implanted, the man said he began experiencing chills, fever and swelling. This caused him to visit a hospital. There it was discovered that the plaintiff had developed MRSA and sepsis, according to claims. Allegedly, the source of the infection was the pacemaker and the man had to have the implant removed. The plaintiffs claimed the man’s infection was the result of the defendants’ negligence and carelessness.

Although surgeons and doctors are commonly perceived as some of the most intelligent members of society, they can and will make mistakes. In Texas, those who have suffered injuries or loss as a result of medical malpractice may want to consider seeking the services of a legal representative. A successful lawsuit could result in much-needed compensation as well as a sense of justice.