Fatal accident involving 4 vehicles takes lives of 2

Fatal accident involving 4 vehicles takes lives of 2

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It is sad that a Texas resident risks his or her own life just to get in a car for a ride. Whether the driver of another vehicle has impaired senses from drug or alcohol use or is distracted from a cellphone or passengers in the car, his or her actions have the potential to negatively impact the lives of many others should they cause a serious accident. A recent fatal accident caused the deaths of two people.

The man and woman, both with the same last name, were said to have been passengers in the back seat of a compact vehicle when another sedan crashed into the rear of their car, which was stopped at a traffic light. Eyewitnesses told police the second car was speeding at the time of the crash. Responding firefighters had to pull the couple from the car for transport them to a nearby medical center, where they both died upon arrival.

Both drivers were also injured, though they are expected to fully recover. Two other vehicles were also involved in the collision, though no injuries were reported from the occupants of those vehicles. The accident investigation is apparently ongoing, and no charges have been filed so far. 

Should the gathered evidence suggest that the driver of the second vehicle was negligent in causing the crash, the family of the deceased victims has the option to file wrongful death lawsuits. This type of legal claim typically seeks recovery of monetary damages, including funeral and burial costs, lost income and other documented financial losses. A Texas attorney can give families experiencing similar loss from a fatal accident the specifics of filing a wrongful death suit and what to expect as they pursue a monetary judgment for damages incurred.