Defective product lawsuit filed by woman injured in accident

Defective product lawsuit filed by woman injured in accident

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2019 | Products Liability |

Consumers use products every day, and they expect them to work as marketed. When something goes wrong and someone is injured by a defective product, there are usually options for legal recourse. One Texas woman is filing a defective product lawsuit after being injured by an elevator at her place of employment.

The nurse was at her job in a hospital when she entered an elevator she rode every day. As she was boarding the elevator it did not stop, pinning her against the wall. Emergency personnel rescued her but discovered that several vertebrae in her back had been broken. She suffered brain damage and had no pulse. She was in a coma in ICU for a month, and she was able to be transferred to a step-down facility, where she remains nearly six month later.

Although her attorney will be asking for over $1 million, they will ask the judge and jury to reevaluate after presenting the current and future medical costs she will require. When investigated, it was found that the brake shoes on the elevator were worn out. The hospital has hired another company for its elevator services.

This woman will never have the life she had hoped to have before that day. A financial award anywhere near what she is asking in the defective product lawsuit will help ensure the medical bills she accrues as she continues to improve will be a burden lifted from her and her family. Those facing similar circumstances will want to contact a Texas attorney to assess their options.