Firefighter files suit over defective product

Firefighter files suit over defective product

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2019 | Products Liability |

Injuries that occur from products consumers expect to work but do not happen too frequently. Someone who has been injured by a defective product often suffers emotionally as well as physically, with recovery taking months or years, if at all. A Texas firefighter was injured by a defective product and has filed a lawsuit seeking financial compensation.

One year ago, the first responder had finished mowing his yard and drove the riding mower into the shed where it was stored when not being used. He closed the shed doors and started to walk away when he smelled smoke. When he opened the doors to the shed, flames shot out and consumed over half his body. His fiancé was able to put out the fire with a garden hose. They both say the fuel system on the mower was defective, causing it to catch fire.

An attorney with extensive experience in product liability cases advises that a jury should decide, after all the evidence is presented, just what caused the fire. Should it be found the design was defective, he believes not only should the producing company recall the mowers for redesign but it should also pay the firefighter a sum commensurate with what he has lost in this past year, as well as for any future losses as a result of his injuries. The company that produced the mower declined to comment.

When a person is injured or killed from using a defective product, it can leave a burden few families get out from under without the help of an award from a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Filing the lawsuit and possibly undergoing a trial can be overwhelming for many people. A skilled Texas attorney can often bring peace of mind to those feeling overwhelmed by the legal process.