Man indicted after being accused of causing fatal accident

Man indicted after being accused of causing fatal accident

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A person can be the most careful driver on the road but may still be involved in a serious accident. The actions of other drivers can be a threat when they choose to ignore the laws to which all drivers are expected to adhere. Disregarding these rules often leads to a fatal accident or one with critical injuries. Two Texas residents were killed in a fatal accident as a driver was attempting to evade a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper.

According to a report, troopers had tried one morning in March to pull over an SUV with a number of people inside. The SUV did not stop but sped away, crossing a median and driving into oncoming traffic in an effort to elude troopers. It then collided head-on with a sedan, killing the two people inside. Five people in the SUV were unrestrained in the vehicle and were ejected on impact. They were injured but all survived.

After concluding the investigation into the collision, the 19-year-old driver of the SUV has been indicted by a grand jury on numerous charges, which include causing serious bodily harm and two counts of murder. He has been incarcerated and remains in jail after the grand jury indictment. His bond was set at $2.5 million.

Whether a fatal accident was intentional on the part of the person who caused it or not, that person can be held financially responsible. Many families who have lost loved ones because of the negligence of another person pursue monetary relief by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. A skilled Texas attorney can explain the details of filing this type of lawsuit, giving the clients some peace of mind as they grieve their loss.