Police say lighting conditions had part in fatal accident

Police say lighting conditions had part in fatal accident

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Although many states have a Share the Road policy, designating roadways that give bicyclists and walkers the same rights as motor vehicles, some drivers never actually acknowledge others on the road. Sometimes, however, it is not an unwillingness to recognize cyclists and walkers, but an inability to see them that could result in a harmful or fatal accident. A Texas man was killed in a fatal accident with a pickup truck in the early morning hours of a recent work day.

Police say the 5:30 a.m. accident took place on a dark stretch of the road where the cyclist may not have been seen. The man on the bicycle and a Silverado pickup truck were traveling in the same direction when the truck stopped, hitting the cyclist. The bicycle did have a blinking light, but it may not have been enough to get the rider noticed. Police say he was wearing a work uniform.

The driver of the pickup was not injured. So far, police have no reason to think he was impaired by any type of illegal substance. Although they have not issued any charges in the matter, they have not yet concluded their investigation.

In similar cases, the driver of a motorized vehicle could be held liable for the fatal accident of the cyclist, even though the negligence may not have been intended. Family members of the deceased may want to contact an attorney to explain their options, possibly including filing a wrongful death lawsuit. A Texas attorney can inform the family of their rights as well as give them any boundaries to a lawsuit as set forth by the state.