Police blame alcohol consumption re fatal accident

Police blame alcohol consumption re fatal accident

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Many people know someone who has been hit by a drunk driver or have even been involved close calls themselves. In some cases it just resulted in a fender-bender with no significant injury to any party involved, but for others, one or more victims are seriously injured or even killed. Those tragedies find families thrown into a situation for which they may be ill-prepared. A recent fatal accident took the lives of two Texas residents was blamed on drunk driving.

Police reported the accident happened around 3 a.m. A pickup truck driven by a suspected drunk driver collided with an SUV. A 12-year-old girl and 52-year-old woman in the SUV were killed, while seven other people were seriously injured and taken to area hospitals.

The driver of the pickup is facing numerous intoxication-related charges, including manslaughter. His arraignment came only a few hours after the accident and the man was still in jail at the time of the police report. The sum of his combined bonds had reached $420,000.

Families who have lost one of their own in a fatal accident involving alcohol consumption know just how senseless the loss is. Along with the grief often comes a need the parties or parties believed responsible fully accountable. One way this is accomplished is through a wrongful death lawsuit. An experienced personal injury attorney in Texas will be able to help a family decide on the amount of damages to seek from the court based on several factors, including the laws of the state .