Fatal accident: Woman killed in single vehicle crash

Fatal accident: Woman killed in single vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2019 | Wrongful Death |

Nearly everyone who has ever driven a vehicle has gone over the posted speed limit. According to various police reports, many of those have driven after consuming alcohol. Mixing the two can often result in a fatal accident, with the consequences of negligence affecting a number of people for years to come. The combination of drinking and driving led to the death of a Texas resident in a recent fatal accident.

The driver and his female passenger were traveling on a freeway sometime around midnight, going well over the speed limit, according to a police report. The car hit a barrier along the road, killing the passenger upon impact. Neither occupant was wearing a seat belt.

Police responded to reports of the crash and, after an initial investigation, determined alcohol consumption was involved. The injured driver was transported to an area hospital. Once he was treated and released, police arrested him with a charge of intoxication manslaughter. He was detained in the local jail just over an hour after the crash.

In addition to the coming criminal proceedings, the driver also may face a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the surviving family of his passenger. They have the right to pursue recovery of monetary losses due to the death of their loved one in the fatal accident. A Texas attorney familiar with the state’s personal injury laws will be able to answer questions and help in the quest for monetary reparation from those believed to be responsible due to their negligence.