Pedestrian was the victim of a recent fatal accident

Pedestrian was the victim of a recent fatal accident

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2019 | Wrongful Death |

Many people in Texas like to walk for exercise. Others have to walk because they have no other means of transportation. Although at night it may be riskier, any time of day a person has to walk beside a busy road, there is the potential for a fatal accident. A woman was recently arrested for causing a fatal accident after her vehicle shit a pedestrian.

The accident actually happened late one night in July when a 46-year-old man was walking to work at his job in a nearby restaurant. He was struck by a car, and the impact killed him. His body was discovered hours later by police. The driver of the vehicle left the scene.

Police determined the identity of the driver and issued a warrant for her arrest. The 30-year-old turned herself in and was charged with accident involving death. Police remanded her to a jail cell, where she was to remain until her arraignment.

Some families are at a loss as to where to turn after the death of a loved one due to a fatal accident. In many circumstances, there is often a financial hole left behind that can bring fear on top of grief. One potential solution is to file a wrongful death lawsuit in an effort to recover monetary damages from the party believed responsible for the crash. A Texas attorney who has successfully guided a number of clients through the claims process is a valuable ally when seeking full accountability from those responsible for such a senseless act.