Family grieves after losing 2 in fatal accident

Family grieves after losing 2 in fatal accident

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Having to say goodbye to one family member after an accident caused by negligence is heart-wrenching. Losing two or more family members from one incident is unthinkable. Yet some families have had to endure this type of anguish after a sudden, fatal accident. A Texas family is reeling after injury and loss due to a fatal accident.

Very few details were given in a report on how the accident actually occurred. A 24-year-old man in a pickup truck was headed east toward an intersection when he crashed into a smaller sedan. A 40-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy in the sedan were killed upon impact. Two women and a young girl were taken to nearby medical facilities, all with very serious injuries. It is not clear in which vehicle they were riding.

Police arrested the driver of the pickup truck who remained at the scene. However, the charges against him were not specified in the report. Residents who live near the intersection complain about the number of accidents in that particular area and the fact that nothing has been done to try and prevent them.

Not only is a family grieving for the loss of two of their own but they are also in the position of having to pay for two funerals, two burials and all the costs associated with them. Many families do not have the financial resources to pay for one funeral, much less a second one at the same time. An award granted from a successful wrongful death lawsuit could give these families the money they need not just for bereavement expenses, but for other monetary damages, as well. A Texas attorney will guide a client in the steps required in filing and litigating a lawsuit after a fatal accident.