Lab results determine charges in fatal accident

Lab results determine charges in fatal accident

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | Wrongful Death |

Texas police typically undertake an extensive investigation when a car accident results in a death. A team  usually reconstructs all the facets of a fatal accident, and that information can be used to determine the charges that will be issued. An 18-year-old man was recently charged with criminally negligent homicide after a fatal accident took the lives of two of the passengers who were in his car when it crashed.

According to investigators, the Jan. 2019 wreck happened as the driver and his three friends were headed north on a wet road. The driver was going too fast for the road conditions and the vehicle hydroplaned. It went spinning off the road, across the southbound lanes and slammed into a tree. One friend died at the scene, and another died after being transported to a hospital approximately 30 miles away. The driver was seriously injured but has recovered, and the third passenger was in stable condition after treatment at an area hospital.

Blood testing showed use of marijuana by the driver near the time of the accident. The conclusions of the lab tests were what kept the case from going to the grand jury sooner and was the deciding factor as to what charges would be issued to the teen. The district attorney does not believe the driver to be a flight risk and has agreed to have the bond to be set at $10,000, along with certain conditions approved by the judge.

Two families have lost a son. Two families will miss future birthdays, future holidays and future grandchildren because a young man decided to drive after partaking of a drug that had the potential to impair his abilities to drive, causing a fatal accident. It won’t bring their sons back to them but filing a wrongful death lawsuit might bring some peace to the families of these young men, as they seek to hold the driver accountable for his actions. A Texas personal injury attorney will be able to lead families facing similar circumstances through the detailed process required in pursuit of financial compensation.