Man walking in parking lot victim of fatal accident

Man walking in parking lot victim of fatal accident

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While the streets can be hazardous enough, shoppers also have to beware when they leave the store to walk to their cars, as there can be dangers lurking in parking lots. Just as on the road, when drivers in parking lots do not take proper precautions the results can be catastrophic. The parking garage of an exclusive enclosed mall in Texas was the scene of a fatal accident several months ago and is now the mall is a defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims the death of a businessman from another country, as well as the serious injury to his friend,  happened because the mall has done nothing over the years to curb the joyriding in which some drivers engage while in the parking lots and garages. In this particular incident, a 29-year-old man was making a high-speed run from the bottom to the top floors of one of the parking garages and lost control of his car, hitting the two men as they were walking from the mall. The incident happened over six months ago and the survivor remains in the hospital after he fell two stories due to being thrown over the edge. The driver has been charged with aggravated assault and manslaughter and is awaiting trial.

The mall denies any responsibility in the death of the businessman. The suit claims there are only a few cameras in the parking areas, with the coverage being extremely limited. There are also no deterrents to the drivers who speed through them. In this case, there was a camera nearby that captured the incident. The mall did not want the footage released, as it claimed the reputation it had developed in the community would be damaged.

When drivers speed through parking lots pedestrians are at risk. Should driver negligence lead to a fatal accident or one with serious injury, there are options for legal recourse. When appropriate evidence of negligence exists, the owners of parking structures may also bear financial responsibility. A Texas attorney can review the evidence and advise as to the options for pursuing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.