Assistance turns to tragedy in fatal accident

Assistance turns to tragedy in fatal accident

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Send good out into the universe and it will come back to you: this is a mantra numerous people believe and put into practice. Being a good Samaritan on the road, however, can put a person at risk for a fatal accident, especially if it involves getting out of a vehicle on a busy highway. An exit ramp just off Interstate 10 running through Texas was the scene of a fatal accident involving two men who were taking their time to help another motorist.

A report from responding police stated the men had stopped to help a semi-truck that appeared to be stranded on the ramp. An SUV also exiting the interstate hit the semi and then the pickup truck in which the men had been riding. Witnesses claimed the SUV had been weaving in and out of traffic while on the road. The force of the collision drove the parked pickup truck into the men, knocking them off the ramp to the road below.

The men laid there until emergency personnel arrived on the scene. They and the driver of the SUV were transported to an area hospital, where one of the men died several hours later. His friend remains in the hospital with critical injuries, but the driver of the SUV, although not yet released, is expected to fully recover from the injuries he received. There has been no information released as to any charges pending against the SUV driver.

A sudden, unexpected death like the one in this incident can bring not only devastation to a family, but also an overwhelming sense of panic and disorientation. For those who help provide economically to a family, there might be concerns about present expenses, such as funeral and burial costs, and future income provision without the help of the loved one they lost. A Texas attorney can give peace of mind to a family in the aftermath of a fatal accident by guiding them through the process of filing a wrongful death lawsuit that seeks a compensation amount that could cover all those expenses and possibly more, should an award be granted.