Fatal accident claims lives of brother and sister

Fatal accident claims lives of brother and sister

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College students often look toward their future with anticipation of the life they hope they will lead. When that life is cut short from a fatal accident caused by the negligent actions of another party, friends and family may grieve not only for the person but for the bright future that will never come to fruition. Two Texas university siblings were recently killed in a fatal accident, cutting short the dreams they were planning to pursue after graduation.

According to a spokesperson for the Department of Public Safety, the early evening accident happened on a state highway when the SUV in which the brother and sister were riding was hit from behind by another vehicle. The force of the collision sent the SUV into the lane of approaching traffic, where it was hit by yet another vehicle. Emergency personnel arrived at the scene to find both siblings dead.

The driver of the vehicle that hit the SUV was not injured but the driver of the third vehicle was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment though the severity of the injuries was not known. There has not been an update regarding the driver’s condition since the initial report. The report did not specify what caused the first vehicle to collide with the SUV, nor if any charges were issued to the driver.

One family has to grieve the loss of two just before the holiday season, due to someone else not taking appropriate care to drive carefully. Many families struggle financially with funeral and burial expenses for just one person; two can be overwhelming. An award from a wrongful death lawsuit successfully litigated against the negligent party can help relieve this economic burden. Anyone in Texas who does not know where to turn after losing a family member in a fatal accident can contact an attorney who has extensive experience in handling wrongful death claims.