Woman loses life in fatal accident caused by drunk driving

Woman loses life in fatal accident caused by drunk driving

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Drunk driving is still an enormous problem on this nation’s roads, no matter the threat of potential consequences. Too many times to count, a person driving after alcohol consumption causes a fatal accident. A fatal accident blamed on an intoxicated driver ended the life of a 72-year-old Texas woman.

The woman was walking on a narrow sidewalk not far from her home when she was hit by a car speeding along the busy roadway. After the car hit her, it hit a light pole and knocked it over. Some men at a work site nearby saw the woman lying on the ground and tried to help, calling 911 and staying with her as she took her final breath. She was pronounced dead on arrival at an area hospital.

The men claimed the 30-year-old driver of the car got out of his vehicle and stood in one spot. They said they could tell he had been drinking and that he did nothing to help the woman he had just hit. Police who arrived on the scene charged him with intoxication manslaughter. It was learned this was not his first drunk driving incident, as he served jail and probation time and paid a fine for a DUI five years ago.

While in the midst of their grief, the family of this woman will have a number of decisions to make. Not only will they have funeral and burial arrangements, they may also contemplate whether to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver, seeking monetary damages due to his negligence. A Texas attorney who has experience in helping families file a lawsuit in the aftermath of a fatal accident will be able to guide clients through the legal process as they seek restitution.