Fatal accident claims life of woman on New Year’s Eve

Fatal accident claims life of woman on New Year’s Eve

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Careless actions by drivers can bring massive consequences. When a driver disregards the rules of the road and causes a fatal accident, not only might he or she pay in ways never imagined, but family members of those who have lost their lives have to live in devastation and heartache for years to come. Two Texas men have been arrested after a woman was killed in a fatal accident on New Year’s Eve.

After an investigation that lasted into the next morning, police arrested the men for racing and causing serious bodily injury. The report stated the men were racing each other on a city road around 9 p.m. when one of them hit the 44-year-old woman. Witnesses told investigators she had been standing in the road watching the race.

The justice of the peace stated the collision killed the woman instantly and ordered an autopsy that has not yet been concluded. Even though only one car hit her, both men were arrested — one by city police and the other by a sheriff’s deputy — and charged with the same violation. At the time of a report on the incident, they were still incarcerated with no bond set.

One family has started the new year without one of their own because of the negligence of two people. While they make plans they never dreamed they would have to make so soon, they will have other decisions to make, as well. Choosing to file a wrongful death lawsuit could bring them some peace of mind after their world has been turned upside down. Any Texas residents who have lost family members in a fatal accident will want to speak to an attorney about their options for taking legal action.