Drunk driving blamed for deaths, injuries in fatal accident

Drunk driving blamed for deaths, injuries in fatal accident

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2020 | Wrongful Death |

Consuming alcohol or drugs before driving is something many people do without thinking of the possible consequences. Not only might their lives be changed for the worse, but there is the potential for negatively impacting the lives of many others for years to come. With dulled senses comes the possibility of a fatal accident or one with critical injuries to one or more people. Three lives were lost in a recent Texas fatal accident that law enforcement authorities have attributed to drunk driving.

The driver of a silver SUV ran a red light and crashed into another SUV and a minivan. The minivan caught fire, trapping and killing three of the four people inside. The fourth person, an 11-year-old girl was ejected from the vehicle and was taken to a nearby hospital, where she remains according to a report on the incident. Those who perished were her grandmother, her mother, and her baby brother. The driver of the second SUV was also admitted to a hospital but is expected to be released soon.

There were a number of witnesses to the collision. Some used fire extinguishers to try and control the burning minivan and others got the allegedly inebriated driver and his passenger out of the silver SUV. They claim both men were not only injured but incoherent, as well. This is not the first offense committed by the driver, who was out on bond for another DWI incident. For this latest tragedy, he is currently facing charges of intoxication manslaughter and assault, with the possibility of additional charges to be filed by the district attorney’s office.

One Texas family has to not only deal with grieving the loss of three of their own, they will have the expenses of three funerals and burials. On top of that will be the medical bills that grow with each day. Any family would be more than overwhelmed to have to bear the emotional weight brought on by a similar fatal accident. If they choose to pursue it, financial help could come in the form of an award from a successfully navigated wrongful death lawsuit. Experienced personal injury attorneys can explain the details that can help a family decided what action to take.