Family claims fatal accident fault of truck company

Family claims fatal accident fault of truck company

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2020 | Wrongful Death |

Accidents happen and people do get injured or killed but when it is due to negligence, legal action is often taken by the injured parties or surviving family members. Family members are also adversely affected when there is a fatal accident or one with critical injuries, as they may have unexpected funeral and burial costs or they may have to provide temporary or permanent care for those who have been seriously injured. The family of a Texas woman who was killed in a fatal accident has filed a lawsuit against the company they say is responsible for her death.

The 49-year-old woman, who was a beloved church staff member and gospel choir singer, was hit by a car as she was on her way to an undisclosed location. The other driver had been headed toward her vehicle, in his own lane, when he hit a patch of wet cement that had been dropped on the road by a cement truck. He could not maintain control of his car and crossed the center lane as the woman’s car was approaching. Both drivers were killed in the collision.

The woman’s family has already filed a lawsuit against the company that owns the cement truck. The attorneys are having investigators thoroughly examine both vehicles as part of the case they are building. A local news source claims they learned the company has had numerous infractions in just the last two years.

After the loss of a family member in a fatal accident, it may be difficult to know the next steps to take. There are many professionals who can help in differing capacities during this time but an experienced Texas personal injury attorney is the best option for getting help in pursuing legal recourse. The lawyer can take the lead in navigating wrongful death claims against those deemed responsible for a life taken too soon.