Nursing home negligence, abuse alleged at adult home

Nursing home negligence, abuse alleged at adult home

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Wrongful Death |

The elderly are among one of the most vulnerable populations in Texas. Many families rely on nursing homes or other facilities to care for their older loved ones when they cannot do so themselves. These homes are often wonderful places, but far too many do not provide a proper standard of care. Some workers even go so far as to deliberately harm residents. This is what prosecutors allege in a recent out-of-state case of nursing home negligence that may have even been abusive.

The senior care facility in question has been accused of neglecting residents in multiple ways. It faces allegations of not changing soiled linens, failing to administer medication, subjecting residents to verbal and physical abuse, as well as other offenses. The facility was shut down after two residents died from infected bedsores, according to charges brought by the state attorney general. The owner has also been charged with several counts of theft and reckless endangerment.

Authorities say that they investigated about a month before shutting down the facility where they found an unlicensed caregiver in charge at the time, which is against state law. Prosecutors further claim that background checks hadn’t been conducted on any of the caregivers and that two workers who happened to be daughters of the owner may not have worked as much as they reported on their time sheets.

In addition to criminal charges, the owner is facing at least one wrongful death lawsuit over the demise of one resident. Families who believe their loved ones here in Texas have been subjected to nursing home negligence may want to consider a similar option of civil litigation. A lawsuit may be the best way to hold neglectful caregivers accountable. The families of seniors and other vulnerable people who require a care facility deserve to be able to trust those in charge.