Former nurse sentenced in alleged nursing home negligence case

Former nurse sentenced in alleged nursing home negligence case

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Families all across Texas often need to entrust the care of elder or incapacitated loved ones to professionals. Sometimes this means the person in need may live in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Sadly, some of the residents may not be treated to an acceptable standard of care, and may even be subject to abuse. One out-of-state nurse accused of nursing home negligence was recently sentenced to probation, despite not outright admitting to the crime.

Authorities claim that the former nurse had been instructed to provide medical services to the residents of the facility where she worked. It is not publicly known what that facility was. She was accused of pinching the skin of a resident and slapping the victim across the mouth. It is unclear how police were informed of this alleged abuse.

The incident happened over two years ago, but the nurse’s sentence was only recently handed down, after she entered an Alford plea. The use of an Alford plea means that the accused person realizes the evidence against the individual is strong enough to warrant conviction, but that he or she will technically not admit to the crime and plead guilty. The woman has been sentenced to 12 months of probation and has been placed on the state’s Caregiver Misconduct Registry for seven years.

Texas families who believe their loved one may have been a victim of nursing home negligence may want to work with an attorney who has experience in handling these types of personal injury claims. A civil court ruling in favor of victims or their families may mean that parties deemed responsible have to pay damages that may be useful in covering outstanding medical expenses that often arise from these types of situations. An attorney can work with a family to give the best chance at justice being served.