Nursing home negligence: Look for high quality care

Nursing home negligence: Look for high quality care

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When you are tasked with helping your loved one transition to assisted living care, it can be a stressful, worrisome experience. On one hand, you understand that no facility is going to be perfect. On the other hand, however, you know that nursing home negligence is problematic in Texas and throughout the United States, and you don’t want your family member to suffer from substandard care.

One of the ways to avoid nursing negligence is to know how to identify a high-quality care facility when you see one. There are numerous issues that you’ll want to pay close attention to when visiting nursing homes in your area. Once your loved one settles into a particular facility, you should never hesitate to address a situation that causes you concern. Nursing home negligence is preventable and should never happen. If it does, it’s important to know where to seek immediate support.

Pay attention to who is on the staff

Studies show that satisfaction among family members regarding care of their loved ones in nursing homes correlates with nursing staffs comprised of more registered nurses and certified nursing assistants. It’s also a good sign if a nursing home includes a full activities staff.

Feel free to ask a lot of questions about the staff when you visit a nursing home. You have a right to know exactly who will be caring for your loved one as well as what the professional background of staff members is regarding licensing and certification.

Location and finances are significant when choosing a nursing home

When it comes to nursing homes, bigger isn’t always better. In fact, if you were to survey Texas families who are most satisfied with the care their loved ones receive in a nursing home, you might find that the facilities located in rural areas that are smaller in size get the highest ratings.

You might also want to research whether the facility you’re considering is a non-profit or for-profit nursing home. Your loved one will be dealing with many financial issues as he or she transitions to nursing home living as well. Asking questions about Medicaid, Medicare and other programs is helpful when trying to determine which facility best fits your family member’s needs.

If something raises your suspicion

Whether you’re able to visit your loved one several times a week or a couple times a month, the observations you make upon each visit can help you determine if your family member is receiving high-quality care. If you suspect that nursing home negligence has caused your loved one physical injury, economic hardships or emotional damages, you can take immediate action to further investigate the situation.

Texas law allows victims of nursing home negligence to seek financial recovery for their losses by filing personal injury claims in civil court.