Nursing home negligence: Custodian accused of sexual assault

Nursing home negligence: Custodian accused of sexual assault

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Nursing Home Abuse |

When a Texas family is unable to care for an elderly loved one, they often have to entrust that care to professionals. A nursing home or another long-term care facility is usually the solution when an older person cannot care for him or herself. Though these facilities are generally wonderful places, there are some that fail to provide a proper standard of care and may be accused of nursing home negligence. This is the charge against one out-of-state care facility after allegations of sexual assault came to light.

Authorities say that a custodian who worked at an unnamed nursing home sexually assaulted a resident. Another employee working at the facility made the accusations against the custodian that he inappropriately touched an 86-year-old resident. It is not clear how the employee determined this. Although some victims of sexual assault are able to report what happens, residents of a nursing home who may have cognitive impairment are often vulnerable and unable to communicate events that happen to them.

The custodian pleaded guilty to the charges, which were handled by the state attorney general’s office. He has been sentenced to a year of confinement, and may serve that sentence in his home, as was recommended by prosecutors. He no longer works for the nursing home where the event is said to have occurred, though it is unknown whether he was fired or left of his own volition.

Those who live in nursing homes and their families shouldn’t have to fear abuse or mistreatment from the professionals in charge of their care. If it happens, victims and their loved ones may have the option of filing a civil claim as a means of holding those responsible accountable, regardless of the outcome of any criminal charges. Texas families with questions about this process may want to consult a personal injury attorney who can explain what this might entail.